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Hello friends! Who is excited about this week? Just because we are in retrograde doesn’t mean we can’t make amazing things happen! Remember to take it slow! Everything that you may be working on may not initially have fast results, but that’s OK! Know that things will be moving along shortly. Before you know it everything will feel back to normal! Also in a lot of these piles I see a lot of people from the past returning! So if you’re curious about who may be messaging you out of the blue YOU might want to check out my new video on my channel! HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK!- ALICE🤙

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Option 1

GENERAL: If you chose option number one, I see you are meant to share your art with the world. You are meant to also express yourself!!

I see that right now you might be seeking more freedom in your life. You may also be going through a transformation. You’re supposed to embrace life’s mysteries. Don’t be too focused on HAVING all the answers right now.

You are definitely a healer of some kind and you are meant to make your impact on the world. Don’t forget that! I see you have a gift, don’t forget to share that gift with the world.

YOU ARE coming up and the Empress right now! That means that right now is a good time to go after whatever it is that you desire & keep persevering. Believe in yourself!

Also this is a good indication that many people are attracted to you are your healing aura. Make sure you pick and choose who you spend time with because not everyone deserves your attention!

LOVE: I see that a lot of people are paying attention to you right now. I do see that there is someone in particular that has been observing you from afar. This person definitely sees you as their soulmate and they want to make sure you are the right person for them. They might be taking their time with their approach. It’s also because they feel that they need to grow and change as a person before they can be what you need them to be.

Right now is not the time to be judgmental. You have to relax and see how things play out. But I definitely see someone coming forward with some passion, and the love offer this week! *I also pulled a “yes!” card. This is confirmation is someone who may already be on your mind before you came to this reading is also thinking of you. Yes! They do like you, and yes they are your soulmate! Don’t rush the connection.

If you don’t have anyone on your mind this is a confirmation that you will meet someone very soon.

Option 2

GENERAL: If you chose pile number two, you are being reminded that you are on the right path! Keep practicing whatever it is you have been working on. The more you practice the more comfortable and confident you will become.

I do see that right now your career is very important to you. I see that whatever you’re working on right now will benefit you in the long run. You ARE meant to be on a unique path right now. Keep empowering yourself and staying inspired!

There might be some people around you that are doubting you, or maybe you’re just doubting yourself. Right now you must listen to love! So not listen to fear- that’s the only thing holding you back. You are meant to be really successful. Remember that challenges help you grow.

LOVE: I see that a lot may be going on in your love life. (Or you are thinking about love a lot.) I definitely see that you have a choice in love right now. You may be in a love triangle of some kind. If not, you may be suffering from some sort of heartbreak or taking a break on love. No matter what the circumstance is, I definitely see that you have options. I think that is time for you to just get out there and go after what your heart desires. Don’t worry as much about the outcome.

If you’re waiting for an ex to return, I do see this person probably is going to message you as well. I feel like whatever you really want to come to you will come to you, But make sure you make the right choice!

I do see more than one person wants to commit to you! Even if you don’t believe it, you definitely have options! You are coming up as the Queen of Pentacles, that means that people are seeing you as a stable energy, & marriage material !

If you are still hurt from the past, then just go at it alone and have fun for a bit till you know you’re in the right place to commit to someone new. Also, there may just be a better option on the way.

ADVICE: Keep an open mind until you are sure about what you want !

Option 3

GENERAL: If you chose pile number three, I see that you will be getting recognition for the work that you have been putting in. If you’ve been going through a lot of challenges, don’t worry you ARE going to make it out on top! Don’t worry if you’re feeling extra sensitive right now, that sensitivity is a strength! Also, you’re going through a huge healing PERIOD! So don’t forget that healing takes time.

Right now you have the free will to move in whatever direction you want as well. So make sure you ask the universe but you want- you have options! I see that you guys are definitely going to succeed.

I also see a lot of new beginnings here. There’s definitely a new opportunity coming for those that are looking for change or a new job offer. I see someone offering you an opportunity as well. Also YOU might just get a promotion, or more income coming in at your current job if you are already employed!

LOVE: Someone has a lot of feelings for you right now. This person may have caused you heartache in the past, but I do see this person still wants a second chance. Of course, it’s your free will what do you want in the situation, but I do see that this person has been working on themselves. I see that FATE HAS brought this person in your life.

I do see that you might be worried of this person’s faithfulness to you, but they definitely only like you! This person definitely wants to stay in your life. They might approach you in a friendly manner, but they definitely are looking for something more. Either way now is the time to spend time with people that you care about, ESPECIALLY friends. I do see that some of you may be spending too much time in isolation.

ADVICE: Take a break from working so hard! Don’t forget to go out with friends and have fun! There’s definitely a love offer on the way, so it’s up to you what you wanna do! Also stop worrying so much! You are the creator of your own destiny at the end of the day!

Option 4

GENERAL: If you chose option number four, I do see that you guys need to keep up the good work! You may be ignoring an opportunity around you. Make sure you pay attention to what is being brought into your life.

I do see that some of you may be in conflict with someone in your life. I do see that a peaceful resolution can happen. Whether this person is an ex, a family member, or a friend, the angels are supporting you and finding a solution to this problem.

If you are not in a conflict with anyone, then it is just time to balance yourself and appreciate all the good stuff around you. I see that gratitude will actually bring more blessings into your life!

Now is definitely the time to just enjoy life! Be open to any new opportunities on the way in any area of your life that you may feel something is lacking!

LOVE: Someone you may have tried to block out of your life, is definitely trying to message you! I do see that this person does miss you! I do also see that some of you may be trying to free yourself from this energy.

If you don’t have an ex, I just see that you guys are attracting new love in your life! Even if you do have an ex, I do see that there probably is a new person around you that you may be talking to, or someone new on the way!

I do feel like you may feel that your love life may be a bit complicated / challenging right now. DEFINITELY just stay positive. I do see that there is going to be a few offers coming in. You are on a new chapter right now. I do see you being more successful with NEWER energies that enter your life!

Regardless expect to hear from one, or a few ghosts from the past! (Both ex friends and ex lovers!)

ADVICE: Keep focusing on work! Ignore anybody that you don’t feel you want in your life anymore. Right now is definitely the time to bond with friends! Also, you may want to take some classes and learn something new, if you’re feeling bored or stagnant!


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