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Pick A Card

Hello friends❤️ HOW IS LIFE GOING ?! I always look forward to doing these posts for you guys. ✨ Tonight I was really tired but I managed to bang this out for you guys! Sometimes really don’t realize how much energy we use all day long 😫. DON’T FORGET TO REST & MAKE TIME FOR YOU. THIS WEEK, make time for self care! HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK! – ALICE🤙

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Option 1

GENERAL: It’s time to make major changes. The signs have been showing you new paths are available! I see you have the freedom to move in any direction you choose. Fear is the only thing holding you back. If you eliminate toxic people and situations from your life you will feel happier !

There could be someone from your past trying to return. (Friendship energy) However, if they have let you down many times before – be cautious. Don’t back down if this person tries to communicate with you. You are not wrong to feel the way you do! 

LOVE: This can be the one! I see that there may be some red flags in a current love connection. Remember, there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. Do not doubt what you feel. You have a bond with someone right now that cannot easily be broken.

If you are single, then there is definitely a love option on the way. I see some of you have been trying to manifest communication with someone on your mind, or are just trying to move the situation forward. Yes! You will be successful. This person feels the same way about you. You are loved!

Option 2

GENERAL: Something very positive is over the horizon. What are you so worried about! It’s time to focus all the blessings around you. You have a psychic gift. Are you using it?! Trust your intuition right now.

You will receive good news shortly. Everything will work out ! Any brilliant ideas you have right now- write them down! They can lead you to success.

LOVE: It’s not every day you meet someone special. Someone right now thinks you are amazing. They may be hiding their feelings for you. They want to express their love towards you but they don’t know how. If this person is in your life currently, go easy on them. They will confess this to you when they are ready.

For some of you this could be an ex, or someone in your friend zone. This person most likely has a lot of air in their chart.

If you are single, still connect and meet with new people. If the person on your mind is not meeting your needs, you can still date around! 

Option 3

GENERAL: Stop comparing yourself to other people! You are perfect the way you are! You might be being too hard on yourself right now. Take some time to congratulate yourself on how far you come! You have to continue to dance to the beat of your own drum, despite what others think! Keep it up!! & never give up on your dreams / visions! 

Love: You are still healing! Healing takes time. Be patient. Do not rush things to go into the direction that you feel things need to go. Being in a relationship is great, but there is a reason why you may still be single! Whatever situation you were involved in the past didn’t work out for a reason.

If you are dating or seeing someone right now they really do care about you. This person has a lot on their mind. It may be time to plan a trip with your love!

If you are single, you are also in need of a vacation. You could possibly meet someone new that way, if you don’t have anyone on your mind!

Option 4

GENERAL: It may be time to let someone or something go in your life. The universe is showing you that! You may be afraid, but it will be worth it in the long haul. This could be a job, person or mentality that you have outgrown.

I see that you tried really hard to make a situation work. However, there is better out there for you if you MOVE FORWARD! It’s not time to play it safe!

New opportunities are available to you. Practice makes perfect! Take whatever situation that didn’t work out as an opportunity to grow!

LOVE: If a situation is not working, you may want to explore other options. Not to say it won’t work out, but right now you need to let go of control issues. You may be ignoring a love opportunity. (Especially if you are single)

If you are in a relationship/ dating, you may be clinging or relying on your partner to make decisions for you. Keep your relationship light and playful right now & focus on YOU! This will help you feel more confident within yourself!


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