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Pick A Card – 3/9/20

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Option 1

GENERAL: You are an amazing person! Stand up for your beliefs! Many people admire you for your intelligence. You actually a lot smarter than you think you are! So make sure you do not give up on your goals and your dreams.

I also see that someone is definitely in love with you right now. This person could be on your mind. (Or possibly you are on theirs a lot lately.) Don’t give up hope for what you feel in your heart is true.

I see that you have a big purpose. So don’t forget it. Keep focusing on your goals this week, especially if you feel unsure about your love life. You will not regret that!

👏WORK: I see that you may be running through a few difficulties when it comes to work. If not, you are just unsure about what direction to turn next. Again, I do see that you are extremely intelligent! You have the intelligence to get through whatever difficulties you have. FOR the next couple weeks, play your cards smart. If you have a good business ideas, try not to share it with people who can steal your ideas, (or worse people that make you not believe in yourself.)

I do see that you are meant to be super successful. Money is definitely on the way! As long as you have passion and what you’re doing, you will be successful! There are also helpful people around you. Make sure you network with the right people who can get you back on track.

❤️LOVE: You definitely have a soulmate around you. However I feel like it may not be the best time for this connection. This person definitely has some issues that they are working through. But I definitely see that there is someone around you who can possibly be the one. If you have someone on your mind, I definitely see
this person messaging you soon. Be patient with the connection, I do feel like this person is trying to work on themselves, before they get into any commitments.

🥺IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE ON YOUR MIND: Like I was saying before, someone is definitely thinking about you! However, I do feel as though they are not sure what direction to take this connection in at this time. They definitely only have eyes for you. I just see that there are several things they want to take care of before they offer you commitment. If you want a relationship with this person, that I just feel that they want to work on themselves a bit before they take the relationship to the next level. This person definitely wants to talk to you & express their love!

😇THEME OF THE WEEK: Confidence and purpose. Make sure you have the courage to carry out your dreams. You do not need reassurance from others! WHAT can help you is confidence in yourself & getting support like-minded people to accompany you on your mission!

Option 2

General: You may not see it coming, but there’s a lot a big happy changes on the way! I do see that right now friendship is very important in your life. I also see that right now you’re meant to keep an open mind and see how things play out.

There’s a lot of things happening in your life that are worth waiting for. The first thing I see is finances on the way! The other thing I do see is that you may have a few options in love right now. Even if you’re not expecting it, someone from your past is definitely try to make a come back. However it’s really up to you what you wanna do. I see that you’ll be victorious if you follow your heart and release what is no longer serving you!

👏WORK: You are actually entering a very successful time. Just because you may not be at where you feel you should be, does not make you less successful. I actually see that you are doing pretty well. Pat yourself on the back!

I also see that you should be grateful for all these opportunities that are coming in around you! Even if you don’t feel like it, there may be some opportunities over the horizon that are worth waiting for!

I also see that there is probably going to be somebody giving you great advice pretty soon. This person could be a mature male, or a female friend in your life! You’re already doing a great job, however good advice could definitely help you get to that next level!

❤️LOVE: Your love life looks a bit complicated right now. Even if you have your eyes on one person, things may not be that straightforward right now. I do see that there’s someone definitely trying to offer you something solid, but yet there’s an energy of some other options lingering.

If there hasn’t been, there’s definitely going to be some resurgence from someone from the past. I see some of you guys refusing this offer, but others of you still have some unresolved business with this person. You may feel as though this person gave up, but they were just gathering their strength to give it a second go. You know your worth! It’s not likely that someone’s gonna give up on you that easily! 😅

🥺IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE ON YOUR MIND: I definitely see two options here. If you are inquiring about someone you’re dating in the current energy, this person definitely really likes you. I feel as though you or them may have some unresolved issues to work with from your past, but I do see things moving forward.

If you’re inquiring about an ex, this person may have been a bit stagnant or quiet, but they’re definitely trying to make a come back. This person may approach you in a nonchalant or friendly manner, but do not be fooled they’ve been in despair ever since you left their life!

😇THEME OF THE WEEK: Empathy and balance are your themes of the week. Just because you’re empathetic doesn’t mean you have to let someone toxic or negative back into your life. If someone threw you off your balance and made you feel drained you’re tired, it may be time to let them go.

Option 3

GENERAL: You have a gift of inspiring others! Don’t ever give up on your dreams! I see that you have some sort of gift or talent that could really help or inspire people! I see right now you may be feeling stagnant, or bored in some aspect of your life. Reconsider this! There is definitely a lot coming your way! You definitely can utilize the resources you have around you in the current energy as well! You have a lot going for you! Trust in the universe and trust in your talents! I see that a lot of people look up to you!

👏WORK: When it comes to your work, you may be feeling a bit uncertain. I actually see that you are already set yourself up for success. Just because things are moving a bit slower than you hoped, does not mean that you are not doing a great job! Keep yourself focused on the things you desire the most! I do see that ever little step maters! You are meant to feel passion about your work!

If what you were doing in a day-to-day basis is not resonating with who you are as a person, that definitively means there’s a bigger change that you need to make. MOST of you guys are on the right path, so keep moving towards your goals and your dreams! I also see that you have a gift of communication, so use that to get ahead!

LOVE: I see that you have a few options when it comes to love! I see that there’s a few people that are going to want to come forward, and express their love for you! However keep an open mind, and pay attention to the red flags. Don’t over commit to somebody if you are not ready! Also don’t rush into any relationships right now if somebody around you isn’t ready!

I see that someone from your past is also trying to come forward! I do feel like there is someone you are meant to be with! (But you will only know who that person is with time.)

I also feel as though someone could be asking you on a date this week, someone who you least expect! You are meant to keep an open mind. WHAT do you really want, versus what is just a codependent behavior? Right now is not the time to invest too much energy in a dead-end relationship. You have so much going on in your life that requires your attention and love! If you’re in a relationship, this is probably just a sign that you need to focus on things outside of this relationship as well! Your partner will also be inspired by you as well!

🥺IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE ON YOUR MIND: There could be someone around you that you feel very intuitively connected to right now. This person may be a bit discouraged about the connection, but they definitely still have feelings for you. You may have question their loyalty to you, but they definitely only have eyes for you. This person does believe that you and them can make it long term, so make sure you communicate with this person when you get a chance about what you desire as well.

😇THEME OF THE WEEK: The theme of the week is honesty. Be honest about what you want with your job, relationship, and just in general moving forward. The more honest you are with yourself and others, the better your situation will turn out!

Option 4

GENERAL: If you chose option number four, things are about to take a turn for the better! I definitely feel like some of you guys may be being too hard on yourself, or someone else in your life. I see that things are definitely taking a turn for the better. So release your doubts! I see that fear may be the only thing getting in the way of you and what you desire! There’s so much opportunity around you right now, go for it! Especially if you’re in need of a change! Anything new coming into your life is a sign that things are turning up for the better! Right now you have to focus on the positives.

👏WORK: When it comes to work I do definitely see that things are going to start picking up for the better! You may find that things are changing around you, or some unexpected events are happening. However these things are all happening so that you could end up exactly where you need to be! A lot of things could act as a blessing in disguise. But for most of you, I just see unexpected good news on the way! I see that you have good karma in your life. So all that good honest work you’ve been doing, will definitely pay off! If you do not like the place that you are in, you definitely will be receiving some sort of sign on what changes you need to make!

❤️LOVE: For this option, I see two scenario standing out. Take what resonates. If you feel as though you’ve been single for quite a long time, I see that you have a new love coming into your life! However some of you guys may be a bit too picky or judgmental. Make sure you trust the universe and what type of person that is meant will come on your path! I do see that someone is coming into your life very soon.

For the second scenario, I see you may be judging a love interest in your life a little too harshly. There could be someone around you you already know who is the one! I feel as though you guys have a past life connection together! Just because this person may not be acting in the way that you have hoped, does not mean they cannot change or grow into the person that you desire! But make sure your expectations aren’t too high! I’m not saying a accept less than you deserve at all! I’m just saying that they could possibly be someone around you who is coming back with newer and better energy. This person definitely experienced a love at first sight with you! You definitely have feelings for this person as well!

🥺IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE ON YOUR MIND: This person definitely wants you and only you! Fear may be the reason why they’re not acting in ways that make total sense, but right now is not the time to be judgmental. Give this person a bit of time. I do feel they are feeling a bit possessive over you. You might even have to say no to them a few times so that they can learn and grow as well. However I do feel as though this person does believe that you are the one!

😇THEME OF THE WEEK: The theme of this week, is letting go of fear and judgment! Let go of the need to have your life play out in the way that you expected it to! The universe/ angels sometimes know what’s best for us!TRUST YOU will end up with exactly what you desire!


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