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Pick A Card: 3/23/20

Hello❤️ HOWS EVERYONE DOING! I put in extra INTO today’s reading because I love you all! Thanks for being patient with me don’t forget NEW VIDEOS UP Saturday ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ – ALICE🤙

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Option 1

GENERAL: If you chose option number one, I see that it is your destiny to follow your passions! You are probably waiting for some of your manifestations to come in. Believe me they are coming quick and fast! I see that a wish of yours is going to be granted. It’s time to trust your gut and follow your heart! Do not underestimate your ability to succeed right now. I see that you are going in a whole new direction.

Some of you feel afraid to show the world your true self. REMIND YOURSELF you are not afraid- because you are strong and capable! In the near future I see you making huge strides. A lot of you guys are working on yourself right now, and it’s paying off.

This week, I sense and renewed sense of passion in your life! Expect a Lot of new inspiration and ideas to come to you! You are definitely in a huge manifestation mode! Life is magical! You can go after whatever goals you have set for yourself!

SINGLES: If you are single, focus on the law of attraction! I see that your confidence is really making you stand out from the crowd! I see that some of you may have had to cut the cards with someone from your past. If not, it may be time to release whoever is not treating you like the queen/king that you are!

I see that you may be reflecting on your past and making huge changes. I do see a romantic offer on the way! Someone right now does have feelings for you. If it’s not the person you desire, better is definitely on the way.

IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE ON YOUR MIND: This person is still pretty exhausted from other aspects of their life. They also secretly want you to chase them. I see that this person may have some unhealthy patterns that they are still trying to release in their life. I see that things can look up with this connection, because they do have feelings for you. Right now don’t commit- just flirt and keep things light and friendly.

RELATIONSHIP: If you are in a relationship, I see that you and your partner are going to overcome a lot of obstacles. You may be going through a trying time in your relationship. If not then either way things are going to improve a lot!! I feel as though there could’ve been some stagnancy/ stress in your life that was affecting your relationship. However I see a lot of changes ahead. Your partner definitely looks up to you and respects you, so make sure you know that!

ADVICE: You are entering a successful time! Remember confidence is key. There is plenty of opportunities on the way so make sure you focus on the positives!

Option 2

GENERAL: If you chose option number two I do feel like you are going through a huge transformation right now. RIGHT NOW, GIVE YOURSELF THE BEST!! If you are in need of some help, there’s definitely people around you you can ask for help from. Or, you have the ability to help others! Or possibly even both! I do see that you have been through a lot in the past. Those painful endings have made you the person that you are today. I feel like you are coming into your own right now.

Expect new ideas and inspiration’s to come to you. I also feel like your love life is coming in strong right now as well. I feel as though someone is thinking about you heavily from your past. You may be feeling their energy especially if you’ve been dreaming about them, or they have been popping into your mind. This person is trying to initiate contact with you somehow. Expect to hear from them soon. THIS CAN BR A FRIENDSHIP ENERGY AS WELL.

SINGLES: If you are single, this person from above is definitely an ex or someone from your past. This person may have ran away from the connection, or possibly you cut them off. They were intimidated because they felt they lost their shot. They may see that you have a lot of options right now, and that you are raising your standards. Say yes to NEW & better situations. Trust if you put yourself first, you will have all that you desire. This person will try to step it up if you don’t put up with any BS! For both the singles & in a relationship people, I’m definitely picking up on two energies.

IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE ON YOUR MIND: I am picking up on two energies!
IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT AN EX: They are thinking about you also!! I will definitely try to communicate with you soon!

NEW LOVE: If you have met someone but in the last six months and they are not an ex, they definitely like you. However they may just need some time to work on themselves. Start off as a friendship first & let go of control issues. They may want to help you out!

RELATIONSHIP: I see two messages here for those that are in a relationship. If you are in a relationship, it could possibly be someone from your past but still wants to connect with you. This makes sense if you were dealing with an ex recently, or are you broke up with in the last 6 months.

If you are currently in a relationship & your relationship has been a bit turbulent, this person is trying to reflect on their actions. They may have some immaturity, or possibly you both have things to work on. If you keep working on yourself, this person will be inspired to do the same. I also feel as though you need to strengthen your friendship bond with in your relationship.

Option 3

GENERAL: If you chose option number three, you may be feeling stuck or confused in your current situation. You may have to make a decision soon, if not, then possibly you just feel a bit of a conflict with something in your current situation. Right now you can benefit a lot from communicating clearly. I also feel like you need to believe in yourself right now.

I see a lot of you guys using your free time to learn something new. If you are a student, that makes sense as well. I see learning is a big part of your life right now. YOU will be using something that you learned in this time PERIOD To create more abundance and success for yourself. Even if that learning is IMPROVING communication with the people around you. I see that a lot of new ideas and inspirations are coming to you. Any conflict or challenge is in your life for a reason.

I see spending time with family and people that you care about right now is also very important. Take a sensible approach to any misunderstandings right now. I also feel like you may be getting creative as a way to express yourself! Keep it up. Just laugh and enjoy life as much as possible right now. PATIENCE IS KEY!

SINGLES: If you are single, I see right now you have to keep your love life in balance. I do feel that you will be meeting a new love really soon. You definitely have admirers in the current energy, but I just see that somebody new is on the way. Keep an open mind right now!

IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE ON YOUR MIND: This person is definitely very attracted to you. However, they could be mad at you for something. Or perhaps they are just going through their own internal conflicts right now. I feel this person may have intense fear about relationships. So I feel right now it’s best for you to keep focusing on your other options.

RELATIONSHIPS: If you are currently dating someone, they may be fearing abandonment from you. (Or possibly you are fearing that as well.) I see that the person you are dating really cares about you, but they approaching the relationships logically. I feel as though there’s a lot of changes going on in your relationship, but you guys do have a renewed sense of love and passion! (IF YOU KEEP COMMUNICATION CLEAR!!)

ADVICE: Avoid Unnecessary conflict right now!! Communicate clearly with those around you!

Option 4

GENERAL: If you chose option number four, I see that you are definitely coming into your power right now. That means saying “no” to people who are not meant to be on your path anymore. I feel that you may have to let go of someone or something around you right now. If you already made changes to let go of people, or situations that no longer serve you, then you are on the right path! The more you let go the more new freedoms will come to you!

I see that you need to focus right now on what you really want, and not let anything stop you from achieving your goals. You are the Empress, so that means that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to! Stop being so hard on yourself! If you were met with obstacles in the past, or a certain situation just did not work out- it has nothing to do with you! It may just not be the right time, or was not the right situation or person for you! (Or you were just meant to learn from that experience)

Focus your mind on the present and look forward to the future! Everything is happening this way for a reason! Your emotional and material needs will be met! I don’t doubt that!

SINGLES: If you are single, I feel as though you may have gone through a separation recently. (Or you are currently thinking about letting go from someone on your path that you possibly are seeing right now.) I see that right now you can benefit from time alone. Right now you definitely need to reflect on what is that you want moving forward. There is an energy of someone from your past who wants to be in your life, but they may be giving you mixed signals. If their actions do not line up with your needs, it may be time to focus on new connections. However, if it seems as though this person is working on themselves, some of you will choose to give this person a chance.

IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE ON YOUR MIND: they still do want to give this relationship a chance. However, some of you feel this person does not meet your expectations and will be saying NO to them. Take small steps with this connections. It can honestly go either way.

RELATIONSHIP: If your are in a relationship, I see that things can definitely improve within your relationship. However you or your partner have to be honest with themselves about jealousy or other factors possibly affecting the relationship. If your relationship is going fine, then continue to give your relationship a chance. I feel that your partner does want to put in a lot of work to make sure you are happy.

For a small percentage of you may be thinking about letting go of your partner. Spend some time in isolation and see if being alone is truly better than the partnership have right now. You may need to let go of the idea of a “perfect relationship” I DO SEE THIS SITUATION CAN IMPROVE.

ADVICE: Alone time can really benefit you right now. If you want something, set a vision to your goals! Take small steps, you will get there!

Option 5

GENERAL: If you chose option number five, I see that you have a lot of options. (Even more than you think!) I see that the power of creativity and teamwork can definitely get you where you need to be. As a matter fact, I see there’s someone in your life right now currently, or coming into your life that can definitely help you out. They are either going to help you out physically, or inspire you to go after your passions.

I feel like in the next couple weeks, things are going to be a lot better. Be patient !! There is something better over the horizon. So just be patient with yourself, and trust that everything will work out the way it needs to! Yes, I do see that your time and effort will be worth it! New opportunities are coming! Now is not the time to worry. Minor inconveniences are not major emergencies. Reach out for help from others right now.

I also feel as though you are an expert who can help out people as well! Stand your ground & celebrate your talents! You are a well respected person in your community or line of work.

SINGLES: If you are single, it may be time to just focus on another area of life. Trust that your love life is going to be improving. I feel as though there could be somebody new or someone around you that you have great chemistry with. I see someone taking a leap of faith toward to you very soon. I feel right now your careers and your passions are probably more important to you. However you will also be feeling a lot more stable in your love life soon.

IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE ON YOUR MIND: This person does admire your intelligence. They are definitely thinking about you right now. I feel this person may be going through a lot of changes and awakenings. I feel this person may be hiding feelings for you right now, because of other factors. They are also a bit insecure around you.

RELATIONSHIP: I feel as though you and your partner are definitely in a good place right now. You guys are both taking responsibility and growing up as individuals. I feel as though you guys are also focused other factors in your life outside of our relationship. Either way remember to remind each other to have fun and get your worries off your mind!

ADVICE: Keep up the good work. You are moving towards more meaningful things in life. Keep releasing all that doesn’t serve you.


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