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Pick A Card: 3/31/2020

Hello 😍
I feel as a collective right now, we are all definitely going through a huge spiritual shift. 😇 I can’t help but to feel a little bit different lately! Do you guys feel the same? I’ve been seeing a lot of readings I’ve been doing for you all that spiritual gifts are coming out for a lot of you guys. So if you’re feeling a bit off lately, don’t worry you will adjust to the new ways of life! I feel like April is going to be a very spiritual month for all of us! So let’s get excited about that! Now I have some other things planned this month. This week, I will probably be going live on Instagram on here. I also will try to be going live on my new YouTube channel as well. I also want to let you guys know that tonight on my Patreon, I am having a Q&A so you can ask me anything! THANKS AGAIN for being patient with me don’t forget NEW VIDEOS UP Saturday ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Option 1

GENERAL: If you chose option number one, I feel as though you guys definitely just need to surrender to what’s going on around you right now. Whatever you’ve been working on, stick with it! (OR WHATEVER YOU HAVE BEEN FEELING INSPIRED TO DO)

There’s definitely people around you who want to help you. Whether it’s just a heart to heart conversation, or actually helping you on some sort of burden you’ve been carrying.

I feel like right now it’s not time to give up on your inspirations, or even just yourself. If you’re not sure what direction to turn to, just start by doing a bit of early spring cleaning. Most importantly right now you’re just meant to relax, be still and enjoy solitude. Self-care is the most important thing in your life right now.

LOVE: If you are single, right now it’s definitely time to stay in your power. You might be feeling a bit logical about love. However Romance is still a big part of your life right now. You may find that you have a few offers coming in this week. However, you can’t shake the feeling of feeling karmically connected to someone in this current energy.
The person you’ve been thinking about, if you happen thinking about someone; is definitely someone from your past life. This person still is a bit obsessive over you, and You can feel their energy as we speak. The advice right here, is to stay optimistic right now, and be playful with all connections. You are going on a huge inner journey right now, and you don’t need anybody else to throw you off balance. However I do see this person attempting to return very soon. They may feel a little bit hurt or disappointed by you, or other things are making life difficult for them right now. BE patient with them!

If you’re in a relationship, keep persevering. I see right now you and your partner just need to focus on goals together. You may feel that your partner may be a bit in a fear-based energy lately, try to just focus on the positives right now and keep moving!

ADVICE: THE CHARIOT: Keep doing what you’re doing, and keep your eyes on the prize. You are definitely not meant to stay stuck right now. There’s always something productive you can be doing. Including self-care and relaxing! Remember to keep your life in balance! Remember to focus on what’s most important, the big picture!

Option 2

GENERAL: Do not let your past hold you back! You may feel as though there was a lot of disappointments or setbacks in the past couple weeks or years, however this is not to make you feel like you can’t accomplish everything you put your mind to! As a matter fact those experiences that you had, just set you up for success! Remember to take everything that you’ve learned from your past experiences and use them to get ahead in this period of your life!

You are incredibly intelligent! That is one of your most powerful qualities, the only thing that gets in your way sometimes is that you’re just a bit too hard on yourself! You also have the psychic gift of Claircognizance! Pay attention to ideas and thoughts that come to you! These are actually answered prayers.

DO NOT not worry about the small stuff, and be courageous. Also if you feel like you need other people to help (or reassurance ) right now, you don’t really need that at all! You are strong enough to get through anything on your own. Right now you may be feeling a bit like a hermit, but I feel as though you are a bit drained from the people around you. (And still recovering) I feel that if you had some conflicts go on, a peaceful resolution is in your future. However, communicate when you’re ready! Right now focus on letting go of the past, your abundance, & passions right now…you are the most important person in your life!

LOVE: A lot of people have been thinking about you lately. I felt a few energies around you and want to connect with you (or already are) (Pisces, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini, Capricorn, Scorpio energy). I feel like right now if you are single you probably are raising your standards. Some of you may have left behind a relationship recently, or just moved out of an unhealthy environment. I feel as though you are still adjusting to the changes that you had made. I feel as though you may be hearing from a few people, but you don’t really have to give anyone the time a day if you don’t feel ready to.

I feel that you are very compassionate to others! I see someone possibly an air sign definitely trying to communicate with you. I feel that if you are in conflict with someone on your mind, a peaceful resolution can be in the future. But like I said before, You and this person on your mind has a bit of letting go to do before that can happen.

Overall I feel a huge energy of retreating from other people right now. I think this is best that you just are able to see things more clearly and recharge your batteries. Ironically,
You will be hearing from a few people this week!!

If you are in a relationship right now, I feel as though it’s safe for you to love. I feel that you may not be feeling as passionate about love right now, because you were just going through a little bit of a hermit phase. You probably are also going through a bit of a spiritual awakening, so just be patient with yourself! This message can also resonate if you are single as well:

ADVICE: QUEEN OF SWORDS: You are (or need to be) a bit cold and isolated right now, because you are getting clarity about the things that no longer serve you. You are also being asked to not take things so seriously right now. Awareness is not to create fear; but to create boundaries between you and the things that no longer serve you!

Option 3

GENERAL: THIS IS not the time to forget who you are! You definitely are going through a huge TRANSFORMATION !! YOU are learning that you are good enough to go after the things that you desire in life! You are doing a huge release right now. Take note of the things that are still holding you back. It could just be Acknowledging past HURT (or feeling like people did not have your best interest at heart) However you have people around you who do care about you and who do you want to help you. If you do not feel this way, someone like this is definitely on the way. I feel for a lot of you guys could be a potential romantic partner. In the least bit, it’s a divinely guided friendship.

YOU ALSO GOT A yes! for something on your mind right now. So luck is definitely on your side. When dealing with any difficult people, remember to remember who you are. You are powerful, loving, and creative child of god. You are loved! Even if the situations around you don’t make you feel as such. Right now… give yourself the best!

Also I do feel there are complex reasons why certain things happen happening, but it’s definitely to lead you in the right direction. Trust your intuition. I’m also feeling like YOU need to make time to write down your thoughts in a journal or a book! This is also a good sign for those that write music or involved in any other creative fields. The more move forward, the more people are going to come on your path to lend you a hand. STAY OPEN MINDED!

LOVE: For those that are single, I’m definitely seeing a new love entering your life. This person could be a water sign or just be really compassionate and trustworthy. I feel that this person is going to make you want to say thank you! If you already met this person recently, this could be a newer love for a lot of you guys. Especially if you are already talking to this person or in the talking stages!!

If you have someone on your mind who you’ve known for a while, and the relationship is a bit complex or complicated.. I feel this person is going through a lot of healing right now. There’s a lot of passion in the relationship. However this person does have some red flags you might want to pay attention to. However be patient this person could possibly be the one! The person on your mind is definitely in your life for a reason to help you change your perspective on something. PAY attention to the lesson!

If you’re in a relationship right now, I feel as though you guys are probably going through a transformation within your relationship. Remember to just continue to give yourself the best. If your partner has been there for you and reliable.. remember to say thank you! I do feel like your partner is in your life for a reason! Keep up the good work!

ADVICE: The hanged man & High priestess. Everything you are going through right now, is to help you get more touch with your intuition, and see things from a different perspective. There’s a lot of things happening in your life right now that are divinely guided! Remember that every challenge is an opportunity to learn and evolve!

Option 4

GENERAL: If you chose option four, you are definitely going through a huge detox right now. You are getting ready for a huge transition in your life. This could be in any aspect, but I’m feeling like for most of you guys THIS IS YOUR career/ LIFE PURPOSE! I feel as though you guys spent a lot of time in the past caring about your loved ones. But right now YOU need to spread your wings and go after the things that you desire!

If your having a hard time, there could be someone around you that is giving you great advice on how to do this! For some of you guys, you want to take the next step to take everything that you’ve learned and channel that into becoming the expert yourself! No matter where you’re at, I feel like you guys do have a gift of lending your hand others. And if you continue to be this great person that you are, Prosperity is ahead. This is definitely a time to keep learning new things. You guys are seeking more out of life! SHARE YOUR GIFTS AND KNOWLEDGE TO THE WORLD!

LOVE: I also feel as though, when it comes to love, I’m definitely seeing a strong energy around you. There is someone in your life right now who does not want to let you go. For some of you guys could be more than one person. But for a lot of you guys I feel like one strong fiery energy. This person could be a fire sign, or just have a lot of fire/earth in their chart. I feel as though this person feels very stable and at home with you and they don’t wanna let that go. You’re either dealing with more than one energy, or a very strong energy of one person. Keep putting yourself first. If you and this person are in some sort of separation, I feel as though they need to step it up and have heart to heart conversations with you when they are ready. This is someone that you are currently talking to or seeing I do see them continuing to pursue you. If the situation is complicated, Don’t try to force anything, just focus on yourself and I see things going the way they are meant to be. I feel for a lot of the guys that THIS IS A true love!🥰

If you are in a relationship, I feel as though your partner may be a bit motivated lately to make some changes. If not it could be you who is trying to make some changes in the lives of the people around you. Either way I see somebody taking the lead here and using their energy to build more security!!

ADVICE: King of wands. Get motivated to go after what you want! Also if someone around you wants to help motivate you, let them! If your career revolves around, or you wanna transition into motivating or helping others, This is another confirmation you would do a great job at that! Some of you are just worried about your loved ones, don’t worry you are doing your best to influence them to make the right choices! Keep up the good work!


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