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Pick A Card 4/9/2020

Hello❤️ I know a lot of you guys are going through a whole lot that’s why I’m offering the contest right now to give some of you a chance to get your questions answered! I have spots open on Patreon where you can ask me anything! Thanks again guys for all the love and support I really love you all so much!! Hang in there guys! This week I feel a lot of you are going through a huge transformation. I know I always say that but we always transforming during difficult time periods. I also feel like unexpected blessings are actually coming through for a lot of us! Even though it may not seem that optimistic all the time, there’s a reason for everything! – ALICE🤙

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Option 1

GENERAL: If you chose option number one, I feel the success that you desire is on the way. ✅I definitely feel like some of you have been feeling a little bit stressed, or just feeling like you can’t win in life. Don’t stop what you’re doing- it’s working! 👌If your personal issues regard finances or love (or both), don’t worry! Good news is on the way!

You guys are on a new cycle right now. 😇I also feel as though someone from your past definitely wants to help you out. 🥳This could be a close family member or friend. I do see somebody reaching out to you help you out with some sort of issue you’ve been going through. You have some serious it’s a good gifts and abilities, so trust your thoughts and ideas that come to you right now during this period. They are definitely answered prayers.

I also feel like you guys need to keep following your passions! This is significant to your life purpose. I also feel that you have a gift that involves speaking your mind! I see you guys branching out(or reaching out) a lot more on social media platforms. 🥰

ADVICE: Show the world the real you! Despite what others think, you are meant to be on the path that you’re on. Make decisions based off of your heart- not what you expect others to expect you to do. If you have conflict with someone right now this person probably is going to be reaching out to compromise or communicate with you. So make sure you speak your mind. You are strong and stable.

LOVE: Someone from your past is definitely trying to make a come back. This person may be going through a lot right now, and they miss your support of ways. Expect somebody to make a move towards you. They could be a fire sign. (or cancer, Libra, or Gemini in their chart)

PREDICTION: Someone from the past wants to reconcile. (or talk out differences) ALSO A friend or family member also wants to help you out, or give you some great advice! Be open to helpful people right now!

BLESSING: Information that will help you succeed is coming through, it could also be a possible new job a career opportunity, or just simply being shown the way and clarity about the next step!

Option 2

GENERAL: You’re doing the best you can do right now! 🥰Sometimes you just got let go of control and surrender to what isn’t in your control. 🤩For the next couple months, you are definitely going to see a lot of positive changes in your life. Right now you’re definitely are releasing ! Keep up the good work! 👏

You may find that a lot of emotions are coming out during this time period. Keep focusing on YOU. You may want to confide in someone close to you about the things you have been experiencing, it may help you feel better. 🙏

I also feel as though someone close to you may also be confessing their feelings as well. This could be a friend who wants to tell you something, or possibly a love interest. Communication is key for you right now. A lot of people are attracted to your nurturing energy. (So you may find that a lot of people want your time and energy.)

Don’t forget to focus on yourself during this time. I feel that you are working hard and doing the best you can so don’t give up hope for that goal (OR GOALS) You have set for yourself. Remember nothing stable happens just overnight. Your efforts are going to pay off over a long period of time.

ADVICE: Be a hermit if you need to! If you feel emotional, express yourself. If you don’t feel like talking to anybody, journal or release it in creative outlets. You will be coming to a lot of conclusions and Epiphanies this week about certain people and situations in your life. You may feel the need to release certain things that aren’t serving you anymore. Don’t worry if you are feeling a bit more Hermit or emotional than usual. This is definitely the transformative energy you need right now. Hold your vision about your goals, because you are still manifesting as we speak! By June I see a huge victory!

LOVE: Speaking of the month of June, I definitely feel as though that month could be significant to your love life. I definitely feel as though you could be building a connection with someone that could get to the next level by June. For those that are single I definitely see a summer love coming in, so hang tight. Even if you are single, I definitely feel like somebody is going to want to reach out to you to have a heart to heart, or confess their feelings. I feel as though it’s could be more than one person for a lot if you guys.

“Communicate clearly” keeps coming in this pile so I feel as though you guys are meant to speak your mind and your feelings to anybody who comes through during this time period! If you don’t feel like engaging with any of these people who come forward, be honest about that! Now is the time to really put yourself first. You definitely have options here. Don’t over commit to anybody who is not making you happy!

PREDICTION: The goals you set are already in motion. I see a lot of wins by the summertime. When it comes to love, also be patient because you have quite a few options here. I feel only Time will show you who the right person is for you. If you are super single, I definitely see a new love on the way! (I also see a better option for those that aren’t completely single as well so that’s the tea😩)

BLESSING: I see you achieving whatever goal you have in mind. I see clarity in your love life. I also see that if you’re feeling extra emotional right now, this will pass! And you’ll be feeling better in no time! Also, a lot of love offers are on the way!

Option 3

GENERAL: You may be feeling a bit frustrated with some of the lessons that the universe has put in your life. 🤕It’s OK to be frustrated, however let go of your pride. 🤔I see that there is a positive silver lining to whatever you are going through. Nothing will come of worrying about the outcome. Focus on what you can change or make better in your life as we speak. 🤜I feel that you guys are building a solid foundation, and success is on the way.

I also feel like the answers that you do need are coming. Some of you guys don’t know what the next step is right now, but you’re just too worried to see things clearly. So just know, the answers you need are coming! You definitely are meant to be a strong leader.

I feel that you need to build more trust with the universe right now. It may not be the right time for what is on your mind, But just know what you need is coming! 👏👏👏The month of May came in strong so that could be a significant month for you guys as far as getting something you need or hearing from someone on your mind!

ADVICE: Whatever you’re going through right now, is meant to be on your path. Even if it seems like a challenge you can’t overcome, you got this! The answers you need are coming! Right now I TikTok out to have as much fun as you can. Stop being so hard on yourself. Now is not the time to push yourself. You were meant to keep your life in balance. Also I do see a close friend around you who could definitely help you out right now.

LOVE: For a lot of you, your frustrations or confusions could revolve around your love life. I definitely feel like some of you guys have one, or even two people who are causing you a bit of stress right now. Just keep putting yourself first! Also listen to the advice of the friends around you. If you don’t feel like anyone can judge your situation accordingly, but listen to your own intuition. I feel as though as difficult as your romantic life seems right now, you have met someone who is very significant for you and your growth. Even if that means saying “no”to this person from time to time. Some of you may want to take a time out from a particular connection that is causing you stress. There is no harm in that. Nothing will come of trying to reason with someone who is being immature. I feel like right now you need to stop giving so much to people who don’t appreciate your energy and time. It doesn’t mean goodbye forever, this just means to make them realize what they lost when you’re not around. If you did do this to somebody recently, they definitely are feeling lost without you. Just be patient with your love life there is going to be someone taking action toward you with a fixed attitude (but be patient) for some of you that are single this could be a friendship energy or someone just from your past romantically. If you’re in a relationship right now and someone is causing you stress you may just want to take a step back and focus on yourself!

PREDICTION: You have a lot of love in your heart. However not everyone is going to see that about you clearly. Not everyone’s going to understand the real you, but I do see more people coming around you who to get you. So be patient. I see a change of heart also from someone from your past. Maybe they didn’t see what you had to offer at first but now they definitely do!

BLESSING: Being able to say “no” to someone or something that is no longer serving you is a blessing! You’re becoming a lot more assertive and stronger, this energy is going to help you attract what is meant to be on your path! I also do see your anxiety being more at ease! Be patient ! YOU GOT THIS! Whatever has been worrying you, I see the answers you need are coming!


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