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Pick A Card 4/25/2020

Pick A Card

HELLO IM BACK❤️ I definitely need a bit of a break. By the way I also have a great video for today on my main channel so get excited! Thank you guys for always being patient with me and supporting me! I really do appreciate it I love doing these messages for you guys!! HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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Option 1


GENERAL: If you chose option number one you definitely are building trust with the universe right now. I see that you may be feeling alone right now. There’s definitely friends or people around you who want to help you out! Make time for those who care about you!

Also I know there is something on your mind that you really desire. Just be patient! The answers you need are coming! I see that you don’t need to go through everything you’re going through on your own. Help is definitely nearby. I see that if you haven’t met someone already..there will be a new love entering your life.

I see a new start in your life! YOU are just releasing a lot of things that no longer serve you. Your intuition is telling you to just trust and let go…because everything will work out!

LOVE: If you are single, this is definitely a sign that you will be meeting a new love soon! Now if you happen to be interested in someone right now, I feel that you and this person may be reaching a place where you know exactly what to expect from one another. You’re just being asked to keep an open mind right now because there’s definitely something better on the way. (Especially if you’re frustrated with this particular person.) Overall you’ll know the right time to release someone or some thing so don’t rush if you don’t feel ready. Some of you may not be feeling a particular connection anymore, be honest with that person if you do not see a future!

If you’re in a relationship right now, remember that your partner does want to help you out! I see that you and Your partner are working on Communication! Remember to tell the truth about everything that you are experiencing.

Option 2


GENERAL: If you chose option number two, I see that you are going through a time of huge independence! I see that you have decided the last couple months to detox from situations that have no longer been serving you. Stick with that energy, it’s working! I feel like things are really going to turn out the way you hoped them too. I actually see that you can do anything you put your mind to right now..go after what you want!

I also feel like you are attracting really helpful people in your life right now. I definitely see a community coming around you energetically of people really want to support you! I also see some good news is on the way! I feel like you definitely had to be compassionate (or compromise or forgive) in a particular situation. I feel like being the bigger person has really helped you grow! Good things are ahead! Especially financially✨

LOVE: Let go of control issues, because things are definitely working out! I see that you ARE doing a lot of healing. 🌻 This means that you are definitely getting a boost in your love life! I feel that you will probably be attracting the person on your mind! Now if you don’t have anyone on your mind, this could be a huge soulmate coming in! However a lot of you do you want something to work out with someone who you’ve been thinking about. Give them some time! But I definitely feel like you guys can work out a situation that makes you both happy! I feel like you are both still healing. Nonetheless, this person is going to be taking action towards you!

If you’re in a relationship, I see that you and your partner are both also working on your independence. I feel that you guys definitely may be focused on building independence outside of the relationship! That’s OK -that’s healthy! I see if there’s any issues in your relationship..forgiveness and compromise is available!

Option 3

Creativity & WILLINGNESS

GENERAL: If you chose option number three, I definitely feel like you are going through a huge epiphany moment! If you haven’t already, I feel like you are going to have some sort of breakthrough. If you’ve been feeling stagnant or procrastinating, I feel like things are about to change! Success is on the Way, and your situation is about to improve drastically! You are definitely making moves to release what holds you back. But in this pile, I feel like the choice is actually yours. There’s some choice or decision that you really want to make! What are you waiting for?🌸! I feel like you know the situation is going to improve your life! So do it! I feel like for those that don’t know what this is, it is some sort of opportunity could be on the way! Don’t hesitate to go after something you always wanted to do!

LOVE: What I mentioned above, can actually be manifesting as a love situation. I see for a lot of you somebody is taking action towards you. For whatever reason you may have some hesitations about the situation, but I feel like if you keep an open mind and let go of control issues this is a true love! I feel like there could be someone on your mind who is been working on themselves! I definitely feel like this person is going to be taking action towards you!

If you’re in a relationship, you may be coming to a conclusion about a particular issue in your relationship. I feel like if you are going through some hardships, let go of control issues a solution is definitely there! I feel like if the love is there, you can make it through anything!

Option 4

Unity & ACTION

GENERAL: If you chose pile number four, the word “unity” actually came up twice! So I definitely feel like there’s going to be some sort of unity between you and somebody important in your life. This person can either be a friend or a lover! But either way this is good news! Someone around you definitely has LOYALTY FOR YOU! And I feel this person is going to be taking action to help you out with your life! ❤️ This person wants to give to you, so that you could take a breather. I feel this is a very helpful person that has been put into your life for a reason. I feel that you guys may have been going through great sadness in the past, so this is a very good BLESSING! I feel like this person may appear a certain way, but deep down they definitely care about you! I’m Also seeing this person may help you gain more abundance in your life!

LOVE: The person I mentioned above can definitely be a soulmate coming into your life. If you already know this person then they definitely are going to be making moves to help you out soon. (air signs & water signs coming in strong, also Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Pisces, cancer, Sagittarius, Leo & Virgo energy,)

If you’re in a relationship, I definitely feel like your partner is going to be stepping it up to help you out with something important! I feel that this person is very loyal to you! So congratulations, this could be the one!!!


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