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Pick A Card: May 6, 2020

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Option 1

GENERAL: Right now in life, taking a break will actually help you more than anything. I feel like there is going to be a new and different way to go about things/your goals. When it comes to love you might actually meet someone through an unexpected way (or friendship for those seeking a new circle).

Being “right” right now is not as important. Harmony & peace is on the way. You’re being asked to connect with your soul within. Slow down and really connect with your spirit and what you want out of life.

When it comes to work, seeds you already planted are cultivating. That means a reward of finances or success can already be on the way! You don’t even have to do anything but relax! Your success is assured!

LOVE: Whether you’re in a relationship or single, peace should be your first priority. Like I was saying before, I feel like a vacation or time off, could actually connect you to NEW love.

If you are currently involved with someone right now. Taking a break from the connection and just time for yourself can help you guys both balance. If you are currently in a relationship, some time off with your loved one can definitely help improve the connection.

To whatever is on your mind: yes, it is coming! There could be a delay..But please be patient and take care of yourself. A rest or vacation is advised!

Option 2

GENERAL: You are being asked to be open to new information right now. Do not blindly follow any plan, person or situation. You are being asked to keep up the faith and also to keep an open mind. You are actually on track to finding your unique life purpose. During this time period, things are actually going to become a lot more clear. So do not stay stuck in any mindset right now. If your not sure what direction to take, be patient: you will know when the time is right! Your life will improve the more independent free and self-reliant you are.

You will achieve success if you stick to the plan you already have in action. IF you feel like you don’t have a plan or direction, set some time aside to make one. You also have accomplished a lot already so it’s time to enjoy but you were ready built. If you are still unsure/ not feeling inspired, I do see a new opportunity over the horizon. (So you don’t have to do too much right now if you’re not sure what direction to turn to.) JUST be yourself and listen to your own intuition!

LOVE: When it comes to love, your expectations may be a little bit too high. Do not set others up to fail. Honest communication will definitely get you where you want to be with a connection with someone on your mind. If you are single, you could actually be missing an opportunity, because you were being too stubborn about the type of person that you want.

If you’re in a relationship, I see that you and your partner both need to encourage one another more! One partner could be a little bit too hard on the other right now. The more independent and self reliant you are the more your love life will improve!! (That way you are not looking for a another person to be your happiness, you can just add to one another’s happiness)

Option 3

GENERAL: Wow! Really good news for a pile number three. You guys are headed towards a victory! You are a winner! Depending on whatever is on your mind right now, you can ensure a positive outcome is in the future. So if you are worried about someone on your mind, everything is gonna work out!. If you are worried about your career, or finances victory is also on the way! I see public recognition or a ceremony of some kind! Even if you can’t meet up with groups of people right now, I do see positive support coming around you. I honestly just see some really good news on the way that’s going to make you feel over the moon! So just hang tight and get excited!

Also keep in mind that other people do look up to you. Don’t forget that you are a positive influence among others! A lot of you are going to be feeling very charismatic, and ready to make important decisions about the future! You are destined to be a leader so keep up the good work.

LOVE: You could have someone in your life right now that exhibit some kind of wands traits! I see someone very confident and strong (who is a leader in their own right.) This person could have some fire in their chart or they are just super passionate about their purpose in life. I see that you and this person have a really fiery connection. This person definitely really likes you, but at times relationships come second to their life purpose! That should be a sign that your life purpose is equally as important as this partnership!

If you haven’t met anyone like this, you definitely have this soulmate on the way! If you are in a relationship with someone like this, congratulations you may have met the one! If the situation is complicated between you and this person, just know that you have been on this person’s mind heavily & they will reach out to you soon!

Option 4

GENERAL: You are someone with great respect and appreciation for your work! Do not think that that has been unnoticed by others. You have a lot of business opportunities on the way. I definitely see a huge blessing in your career coming. So keep staying focused on who and what you love, it’s working! You are also a natural counselor who gives great advice. There is someone else around you who also wants to give you some advice! So keep your ears open for this person!

I definitely see someone coming around you..for a lot of you this is a romantic energy of someone who has your back! This person definitely wants to put you first! I definitely see an opportunity coming from someone who respects you, and your work. This could be a romantic partner, or a new job or a work associate! Keep your eyes and ears open for new opportunities.

LOVE: I see that you have quite a few amount of a Admirers right now. You also have a lot of options. (More than you even think!) Someone is definitely very devoted to you. I also see that on the flipside, if someone is not ready to commit right now you might have to respect that. They do love you, but they are still in a healing process.
Now is the time for fun and freedom. Either way, someone (one of your admirers) definitely wants to offer you commitment so it’s up to you if you’re ready to take that offer!

If you are unsatisfied with a relationship, a new relationship will be coming over the horizon. I definitely see that dating around will benefit your life somehow. Some of you may just find a new opportunity through a love connection. Keep an open mind, and don’t settle for less than you deserve. As a matter of fact your fiery attitude is what makes you so attractive!


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