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Pick A Card: May 18, 2020

HELLO ❤️Sometimes my role is just to remind you guys to keep going! Do not wish for a life without challenges!! always pray for the strength to get through. Challenges are the best way to grow. Some people perceive others as having a perfect life. NOBODY HAS ALL THE ANSWERS. Especially us who are connected to the other side. Actually, we are constantly challenged to grow every single day. & BEING HIGHLY SENSITIVE isn’t always the best feeling… Sometimes I feel I’m forced to go through things so that I can help guide others. Either way there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Every time you feel like you can’t keep going, remember that YOU ARE here for a reason❤️ ONE PERSON CAN really make a huge difference. FUCK the negativity of others. Rise above it!! love you all so much❤️ ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR WEEK❤️❤️❤️

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Option 1

GENERAL: Something great is on the way! This is something that you’ve been trying to manifest. You ARE on the path to success. THIS IS NOT the time to seek others approval. TRUST YOUR GUT. You may be feeling extra creative, or maybe even impulsively lately. Trust that spark! Even if the idea seems a little bit out there. Believe it or not, everything is going work out for the best! Remember everything around you is happening for you (not to you.) YOU have the strength & endurance to make big changes in your life right now. Keep it up!

LOVE: Right now it’s not the best time to focus on somebody else. The most important person is you right now! Be flexible and keep AN OPEN MIND. Keep your relationships PLAYFUL. Avoid any intense energies that drain you. Right now try not to force anything to happen that’s not meant to be!

Someone is planning to give you a love offer. This could be someone from your past or someone who has been admiring you from afar. (Possible signs, Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, prices, cancer, traits, Aries, Capricorn, Virgo, Leo) Take your time with this connection! Remember, you come first!

ADVICE: Your life purpose does involve teaching others! So remember to be patient with other people who may act childish or immature. You are moving away metaphorically or physically from immature people! Keep up the good work!

Option 2

GENERAL: You are a star! It’s time to shine!You are definitely going to get an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone! This summer is going to be very important to your life purpose! Something you’ve been trying to manifest is definitely gonna come by summertime. (maybe even sooner)

For some of you, there is somebody who was born around the summer who is very significant to your life! If you haven’t met anyone yet, someone is coming in who may be a huge part of your life!

For this pile, I definitely see that your boredom and stagnation is coming to an end! Expect something very exciting to happen. The more you leave behind what doesn’t serve you the better! I also see that you are meant to help others! By living your best life, you inspire others to do the same!

LOVE: Your love life is very important right now. I feel as though someone around you could be a karmic partner, or in your life for growth. Let go of control issues. This person may be acting a bit off right now. But I feel like they are going through a transformation. I feel as though it could be someone you may have walked away from. This person will TRY to win their way back in to your life. I do see something very happy happening very soon in your love life. (With or without this person) Keep putting yourself first it’s working!

ADVICE: Take it easy! You’ve been working hard! I definitely see finances improving for this pile!

Option 3

GENERAL: SUCCESS IS ON THE WAY! Keep it up! You are becoming a strong leader! MANY people look up to you! (More than you think. )You deserve a break. YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB! Keep going !!! DON’T let the fear of moving forward stop you from anything you want to do right now!

YOU ARE HEALING AS WE SPEAK! You may be still healing from a past situation. Be patient, healing takes time! Don’t let past hurt prevent you from new opportunities! You are doing a great job! (Let me remind you again!!) You have worked really hard, and sometimes I feel it’s hard for you to see your accomplishments.

LOVE: Someone definitely misses you right now. In the past, you might of felt bored, or that your needs were not being met in the situation with this person. This person is going to try to win you back over! You most likely feel their energy around you. If you are not interested, be patient. Someone way better will be coming onto your path. (a new love for a lot of you)

ADVICE: Make the effort towards people and situations that are worth your time right now. Disregard anybody who doesn’t serve your higher good. Don’t forget to be yourself! This is the most important part

Option 4

GENERAL: Even when you feel defeated, keep going. It’s really important right now that you keep a positive attitude. You have to keep fighting for your happiness! I feel that some of you may be feeling a bit under attacked, or possibly just are having a lot of anxiety about the future. I feel as though you are forgetting your power! You can do anything you want in this world! If you’re concerned about money problems, (or a situation regarding another person) a solution is near. I see a weight being lifted off your shoulder very soon! Yes!! You can do it!

LOVE: There is someone out there who really does love you. However they may be feeling emotions on an intense level that they aren’t ready for. This person is trying to hide how they feel about you. However they cannot hide it forever. I feel they just have a lot of anxiety about opening up. This person needs to work on them self a bit. Fear is holding them back from the connection. However, eventually they are going to realize that their feelings are something that they can’t just run away from. (Perhaps this energy is you as well.) There may be someone (or something) that you really want to do or go after, but your fear is stopping you.

ADVICE: Take bite sized steps if you need to with this situation! Don’t let fear stop you from what or who you desire!


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