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Pick A Card: June 1, 2020

HELLO ❤️ How’s everybody doing? It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted. I’ve been trying to pace myself properly. (With the move and everything else going on) I know we are going through a bit of an intense time. The angels want to remind everyone when you can, please keep up your self care! Love you all so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Option 1

GENERAL: If you chose option one, do not give up. Your manifestations are coming true! I definitely see some sort of divine intervention coming into your life. If you already took a huge leap of faith towards something new, You ARE on the right path. Even if you didn’t, you’re going to realize what steps you need to take very soon.

Do not pay any mind to childish people right now. You definitely are stepping into your power. If you can’t think of what else to do, just try to connect with people who make you happy

LOVE: Someone definitely has been thinking about you. I feel like this person is realizing how much you mean to them. They still want something stable with you. I feel this person may be someone from your past or someone who felt left out in the cold. This could also be somebody new that you have just met. This person may be acting strange because they are afraid to get close to people.

THERE IS definitely is an energy of somebody in love with you right now. I do feel like you have a soulmate connection around you. If you have not met this person they are coming soon because I feel it very strongly.

Option 2

GENERAL: If you chose option number two, you are being reminded that it’s never too late to make changes in your life. You probably are headed toward some sort of huge change..especially if you’re thinking about making moves in your career.

If you’ve been a hermit shell lately, it’s for a reason. The universe definitely wants you to rethink what you have been putting your energy towards. It’s truly what you desire?

If you feel like things have been going right, it’s just a sign that you’re being pushed in a different direction. Stop overworking yourself when it comes to things that don’t make you happy. You were going through a huge transformation right now so patient into the ideas and thoughts that come to your mind.

LOVE: There’s definitely someone around you who wants to help you. This person could also be a platonic friend, but a lot of you this is a romantic partner. (Or someone who has feelings for you) You might want to pay attention to what someone close to you has to say about some aspect of your life. If you have no one around you like this, there’s probably someone who has a good idea that they wanna share with you. If not, you will just be receiving some wise counsel from the universe through a random source. Keep an open mind.

I also see for a lot of you there is someone around you who wants to take their relationship with you to the next level. Expect a message from someone important on your path this week. EVEN IF Love may not be a priority, there will be a blessing in your love life.

Option 3

GENERAL: If you knew what the universe had planned for you, you would not be holding too hard onto the things that no longer served you. Be honest with yourself! Something really good is on the way. HONOR YOUR sensitivity right now. And PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGNS, a lot of you are getting SIGNS ABOUT WHAT IS TO COME NEXT!

I feel like a lot of you have been hard at work…but you don’t realize that you are doing a great job! Don’t compare yourself to others or judge yourself. Instead focus on how far you’ve come. You definitely are actually achieving a lot of what you wanted for your life. Looking at the last couple years, YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED A LOT. The angels are PROUD OF YOU!

THIS is a sign that you are manifesting even more than you even think! STAY positive..for this pile I just see that you need to realize that you already already doing a great job.. AND yes they are more manifestations coming!!

LOVE: I really feel like someone around you is being a pain in the ass! I don’t know why that came through.. but I had to say it. It’s can be a family member, or friend, but for most of you guys..it’s a lover in the present (or an ex). This person definitely has a lot of wounds they need to face from their past.… But there definitely is love in the situation.

I like feel like for a lot of you you’re on a new cycle here, but not everyone around you may be ready for a new cycle. So if you have to go at things alone for a bit, so be it..your movement forward has been amazing. And you’re going to be blessed because of it.

I definitely feel comfortable independent energy coming from this pile. But someone definitely is still obsessive over you, however they are walking towards you but they are taking their time. I do see a bit of a surprising offer coming in for you guys, so be patient. For a lot of you this can be from a new love, or from an unexpected person from the past.

Option 4

GENERAL: You are unstoppable! Why are you doubting yourself? You ARE made to accomplish what you want in life! You ARE meant to live this life! If you’ve been hustling as hard as you can, Just wait because there is a blessing on the way. Yes, there has been things that happened in the past that are still affecting you…however these things WILL NOT STOP manifestations from coming true.

I feel like someone around you is definitely feeling very sentimental over you, and you may be feeling THEIR energy. So don’t worry, all the sadness may not completely be your own.

As matter fact, you’ve done a good job keeping a good attitude. I see a six of wands, and a six pentacles, you know what that means? You’re going to receive all that you ask for! This is super exciting! So hang tight. Give it a month tops, and you’ll see some really good stuff come in here.

LOVE: Hell yeah, you got options! I see at least two people have their eye on you. And you may just be playing it cool right now because of it. EVEN if you’re in a relationship, I just see you may find yourself being bombarded with some offers. Why is that??? because you definitely are standing out from the crowd right now!! You definitely have your life together more than you think. I see a really good offer coming in here.. from the person on your mind. And I actually feel as though you’re going to be very happy with in the next couple weeks.

Someone definitely doesn’t want you to leave their life. They think you’re very attractive, and they regret some of their actions toward you. however, they are not going to stop pursuing you, because they see your value! It’s up to you what you wanna do, but I definitely see more than one offer coming in your life!


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