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Pick A Card: June 8, 2020

HELLO !! ❤️ I’m finally beginning to feel settled in after my move! This is exciting! I just wanted to give everyone a heads up…change is always scary for everyone! Sometimes you don’t always see the instant gratification of a risk that you take. (But just know you will always miss if you do not go after things that you want in life!) I just wanted to share that bit of information with you guys. I always relate to you all because Mostly everything I talk about I’ve gone through myself! Challenges and experiences are the biggest teachers! Some of the most successful people in life have a story to tell people!! Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful week❤️❤️❤️❤️

Option 1

GENERAL: If you chose option number one, definitely make time for some self-care! You are already manifesting everything that you desire. You may be feeling a lot of anxiety right now. However, you’re not seeing how justice is turning into your favor! I see that things are about to take a turn for the better, so be patient. You’re being called to be a mentor and a teacher !!

When it comes to money and finance, I definitely see an opportunity coming in for you. I see that you can actually make money mentoring or helping others as well!. Just know that no man is an island, there’s also people out there who want to help you as much as you want to help others!

LOVE: When it comes to love, I see that you are praying and manifesting your soulmate! I feel like you definitely have a connection to someone right now, and this person is definitely feeling your energy right now. For whatever reason you and this person may be out of contact. But they definitely are having major regrets about the way they handled the connection. I do feel like they will be contacting you sometime during Mercury retrograde.. so get ready!

Some of you have been trying to manifest new love right now. And I do see that it’s also on the way as well, but right now it seems that other aspects of your life just seem to be a little bit more important. If you are in a relationship, I see that you will be getting a renewed sense of passion with your LOVED one. However, don’t forget to rest and take care of yourself during this time period.

Option 2

GENERAL: If you chose option number two, it’s definitely time to get creative! Some of you have been feeling a bit of a creative block lately,( or stagnant in some ways. ) I feel like things are about to turn for the better..the more you just release pent-up energy! I feel like you are going to get a renewed sense of passion for life!

I also feel like fear might be holding you back from doing things you really want to do. Deep down you know what you’re passionate about! You know what you would be good at! Don’t let fear hold you back from speaking or doing the things that you always wanted to do!

For some of you there is a natural remedy for a problem that you’ve been having. When it comes to career or you might be in between a few ideas or opportunities. But you will have your wish once you invest in something your truly passionate about!

LOVE: When it comes to love, I actually feel a few energies around you right now. But one person in particular is having a bit of cold feet. I feel like they really want to bring the relationship to the next level with you but there is some issue that they’re having with fear. The more you focus on yourself, and what you love (and what makes YOU HAPPY) the more I feel like this person will be encouraged to go after the relationship with you! Do not pressure anyone when they’re not ready!

For those that are talking to someone right now I feel that some of you may have met a new love (or are about to.) I definitely feel like this relationship can make it to the next level, but don’t rush anything!

For those that are in a relationship right now.. It may not be the right time move relationship to the next level. It’s time to have joy and celebrate what you have built right now.

Option 3

GENERAL: Someone or something you really desire is going to be coming back from the past! However, it is not the time to stop your hustle! WHEN you achieve something that you want, don’t stop there, keep going! Plenty of manifestations that you’ve been working on ARE coming in. Don’t give up at minor inconveniences as well. The universe is setting things up for your success! Don’t forget to keep things in balance. You might be stepping foot into a busy time pretty soon, so remember to OWN your divine power! You might get really excited with the new opportunities that are coming in, so make sure you take it easy as well!

When it comes to your work, just keep BEING yourself! You’re going to get a lot of inspiration and success coming very soon. I just see a really big manifestation for this pile so I’m super excited about it.

LOVE: SOMEONE definitely wants to reconcile with you! This could be one of your manifestations! If it isn’t, then maybe someone from the past is going to provide some insight or inspiration into your life. This may BE A friend or a work opportunity as well, but for a lot of you this definitely is a romance situation. I feel like some of the past ( who is very childish at times) is still trying to make an effort towards you. It’s up to you what you want to do in the situation, it does seem like you have a lot going for you, so don’t settle!

If you are in a relationship right now, this could mean that someone from the past could still be interested in you. Also, if you just happen to have arguments with the person that you’re with (or interested in) I do see you guys coming to a peaceful resolution on a topic that you may have had a hard time agreeing on.


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