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Pick A Card: 6/16/2020


I AM GLAD MY ENERGY LEVELS ARE GETTING BACK UP SO I CAN DO MORE POST AND STUFF FOR YOU GUYS. Sometimes a break is just what is needed to regain inspiration. The universe knows what is BEST FOR YOU! Trust it, don’t fight the flow! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Option 1

GENERAL: If you chose option number one, you’re definitely going to be feeling very free! You may have felt defensive or overburdened by a certain situation, however that is about to change! You definitely are clearing a lot of negativity. This could be anything from a stress about money, to an ex that used to bother you all the time.

I feel like you are becoming so confident that nothing is going to get in the way of what you want. You’ve gotten very good at maintaining your boundaries so keep it up!

LOVE: There’s someone resisting the urge right now to reach out to you. I feel like this person has been holding back with their feelings for quite some time now. This person is pretending that they don’t want to engage with you, however they definitely have been watching you grow and glow up! Eventually, they’re going to cave and try to communicate with you! It’s up to you what you really want to do with the situation. This person could be an ex or somebody with a lot of fire in the chart. This person is looking for a new start, but you may decide to have a new start without them. It’s up to you!

Option 2

GENERAL: You may not know this, but people are talking about you! And I don’t mean it in a bad way, but you’re definitely turning a lot of heads right now. I feel like you’ve been owning your divine power and valuing your self worth. You really are allowing yourself to sparkle and shine, and you will continue to do so!

The more you forgive and let go of your past, the more you are lifting a heavy burden. As a matter fact, this glow up is the best revenge that you can get! Look how far you’ve come! You may be feeling exceptionally well and energized this week so keep up the good work! THERE IS SOME GOOD NEWS COMING IN!

LOVE: You definitely got the attention of someone here. This person may have air or fire in their chart. They’ve been in the head about you a lot lately, but there still trying to decide on what to do. This person definitely has a whole lot of feelings for you. However they definitely have some toxic traits they need to release right now. You deserve love, and I feel like that’s why you’re looking behind this individual. However I do feel like they are going to try to make an effort towards you very soon. You could do what you want in this situation, but don’t let this person dull your sparkle and shine because you are on fire! They are intimidated by your power!

Option 3

GENERAL: You definitely are going through a huge spiritual transformation right now. I know I often say this, but this pile just screams a lot of enlightenment! I feel like the universe may have been challenging you the last couple weeks, however it’s because you truly are the Empress, and the angels want to show you that you can overcome any obstacle.

Every manifestation that you’ve been putting out there is coming toward you, even if it’s taking a bit slower than you have hoped. You’re not seeing all these blessings all around you! Don’t let the energy of the past get in the way of your present. You are definitely becoming very supported by the universe. (And every step of the way you’re becoming more of who you are meant to be.)

LOVE: When it comes to love, you got a Lot options here. But you know what else I see here? You’ve grown so much from your past relationship! Even if it was just a couple weeks ago, or years ago, you’re not the person that you were when you met that person. I see so much growth in this pile. It’s crazy how fast and quickly you can truly overcome obstacles when you put your mind to it.

The angels want you to keep an open mind right now because you’re going have a lot options come in. Someone from the past is trying to come through as well, they have something they want to say to you. Either way you’re definitely owning your power, and your love life it’s going be second priority because a huge manifestation is coming.

But yeah, I also see that THE ONE is on the way as well, so keep an open mind here!! IT could be somebody that you know, or it could be a brand new person. You will know when the timing is right. Your intuition is on point lately!

Option 4

GENERAL: WOW!! That heartbreak or disappointment you went though changed you for the better! Don’t forget that! You are learning how to see things through a different perspective. I see that you’re actually getting everything you desire, it’s just coming about in a different way that you have planned. I see you’re actually going to get some sort of windfall from the universe, so this is a really good financial omen for a lot of you! Feeling secure is going make you feel inspired again! Part of your life purpose is unraveling right now, so stay strong in your faith. Expect an answered prayer to come within the next couple weeks.

LOVE: You become so mature, so you deserve a partner who is also mature as well. Someone who really will put you first, and really respect you for who you are! I see a lot of offers coming in as well. But I definitely feel like you guys are focused on yourself right now, and it’s really paying off. A lot of people would love to be in your space right now, but you are to focused on better things.

I do see that someone is going to try to reconcile from the past. I feel like this person made an impression that they were done with you, however you are just too valuable to give up. Trust you’re going to see the truth of the situation very soon, because somebody is definitely hiding out some real feelings.

Retrograde energy probably will bring in a very unexpected person from your past. You probably already have an idea who this person is because your intuition has been heightened during this time period. They may been showing up in your dreams.


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