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Pick A Card: What blessing is on the way?

HELLO !! ❤️ Today’s reading is a little different, I hope you guys like it! I am working on an in-depth reading for tomorrow on my main channel so make sure you check that out!! How are you guys doing?

A lot of you guys message me and let me know how much my messages have helped you. Don’t ever be shy to communicate that with me! (Even though it’s hard to read all of them) This is the reason why I do what I do! So thank you all again who leave me the wonderful feedback that keeps me going! Sometimes I work my butt off and I feel like I’m about to pass out, but I know that it’s worth it because I got to make a difference in your life!

I’m definitely on a new cycle here myself, and It takes a long time to adjust to. I know I always relay messages that say you have to let go of the past and keep moving forward, but sometimes it’s really tough! So I definitely want to say extra prayer for those that are leaving behind toxic energies and sometimes that’s difficult! Anyways love you guys have a wonderful weekend. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Option 1

I see peace! I feel like you guys have been in some sort of conflict or petty energy with someone on your mins. This person is going to come back with a more mature mentality. I see communication between you and someone you may have had a falling out with. Even if you didn’t fall out with this person, they may have not been communicating with you the right way in the past. HOWEVER, I do see improvement!! This person needed a lot of healing, and that’s why they have a hard time opening up. Expect communication to improve very soon! This can also be a reconciliation energy for a lot of you guys!

Keep in mind you are also maturing so keep up the good work. You will see that you can work out tough situations quicker now!

Option 2

Wow! I see happiness in your future! Now this is an interesting one! I actually see that you’re going to get the proof that you made a right choice about something in your life. So if you guys switched jobs, moved, or left a relationship – this is extra confirmation. You are really embracing your own individuality right now!

Also I see for a lot of you guys, someone’s definitely in love with you, and they’re about to come forward! If you’re in a relationship, this person is realizing how much you mean to them!

You’re on fire right now. You will receive a career blessing, and renewed energy and inspiration!

Option 3

For this pile, I see that you guys are headed towards a win! There was a situation that made you guys feel really conflicted and gave you a lot of anxiety! You guys stayed strong in your spot, and that’s paying off! I definitely see stability when it comes to finances & your home life.

I see as well your work going very smoothly. There could’ve been people trying to get in they way of you and what you want, but not anymore! You guys overcame an obstacle. I pulled the six of wands here so you’re about to get recognition for a job well done! If you feel like you just can’t win, keep going. I see success very soon! This conflict made you stronger!

If you’re in a field where competitiveness is part of every day life, you are going to stand out from your competition!

Option 4

I see you fought really hard to be where you’re at today! I feel like you guys are becoming really happy and independent! This is a blessing if you are someone that had been dealing with loss or heartache. I see that you were forced to spend a lot of time alone, & there’s a reason for it, because you definitely leveled up!

I also see some sort of blessing regarding family here, so I feel like on of your family members wants to help you out. (Or a close friend who is like family.) The biggest blessing I see is wisdom when it comes to your finances. This is the pile where I definitely see a windfall of money coming in!

The universe waited till you were at the place that you are in now to give you this financial blessing. You have the wisdom to use that money responsibly! (Most of you guys are givers, so the universe wanted you to be in a good place independently so you didn’t give that blessing away to the wrong people.)

Option 5

The blessing I see here is that you are really becoming balanced! I feel like you guys are putting yourself first, and discovering your life purpose! I feel like the blessing is that you are becoming closer and closer to where you wanna be!

I also do feel like you guys are on a new cycle here. You released a lot of negative people, and that definitely is a win. The blessing I see is that nobody can really mess with you anymore, you’ve become so powerful! I see that you guys will not hesitate to cut off what no longer serves you anymore!

Someone from the past definitely want to message you guys. This person may have made you feel less that powerful in the past, but now they are no match for you! For some of you I do see reconciliation here, but now you’re in a whole different energy so you’re going to approach the situation differently. You will get what you want out of the situation!


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