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Pick A Card: 7/6/2020

HELLO QUEENS AND KINGS! HOW ARE YOU DOING ? I just uploaded a video on YouTube also so check it out! The angels have so many messages for you all! Have a wonderful holiday! DON’T FORGET TO CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESSES SO FAR. Sometimes life gets tough, but don’t forget. There is a reason for everything! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Option 1

Wow you are really going through a transformation! You’re really beginning to see things differently. You’re probably realizing how much time and energy you put into the wrong people and situations. I see because you are making these changes, you have emotional fulfillment on the way!

There is a karmic relationship that is being highlighted in this pile. There must be someone around you who does still want to fight for the connection. However you definitely have your defenses up against this person. (Even though they are in hermit mode right now. They could have virgo, Capricorn, taurus, cancer or Pisces in their chart) This person is realizing that you really are the best that they can get, so they’re going to try to come in strong to win you back over. It’s really up to you what you want to do with this connection. But your angels are advising you just put yourself first because your growth is Amazing!

Also a lot of you guys are realizing how much you would prefer a new love over this person. affirm “I am manifesting new love” to let the universe know you are ready!

BLESSINGS ON THE WAY: Harmony in the home, great friendships, fame and fortune.

Option 2

So I see that there is something going on in your life right now that really is causing you a bit of stress. You have the perseverance to get through anything! As a matter fact I see you guys refused some offer in the past. (YOUR INTUITION WAS CORRECT) There may be somebody who is upset with you because you refuse their offer. They may be behind the scenes trying to get a reaction from you. This could be an ex or a friendship situation as well. (Also this can be in the workplace) You guys could see through illusion, this person just upset with you so don’t worry. Don’t let anybody stop you from this fresh start that you desire. As a matter fact you’re being advised from your angels to take a walk on the wild side. This person probably didn’t want you being wild and free -but this is what you’re meant to be! (I’m sensing ( Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Aquarius Gemini & Capricorn energy)

The above message feels like a love message for a lot of you guys. even if it’s not, I do feel like right now you are being called to embrace who you truly are. You guys definitely are free spirited people and you need to step foot more into that energy. I am really getting a past life connection here for a lot of you guys (and this person that is hiding their feelings.) FOR NOW, forgive this person and keep focusing on you, there may be a really surprising blessing in regard to this connection.

BLESSINGS ON THE WAY: Empowerment, intuition, perseverance , good fortune, and luck on any new endeavors & relationships & I SEE TRAVEL HERE!

Option 3

For whatever reason, I see two energies in this pile. It seems like you guys are healing from two different energies right now. I feel like there’s been a lot of things that happened in the past that made you feel like you cannot move forward. But I see that things are about to change for you. Actually you’re really becoming a goddess! Your life is really coming into balance and I see things finally coming together when it comes to your life’s work especially. I see two significant relationships in the past that tried to hold you back from your success.

Both of these people appear to you at different times of your life to teach you that you don’t really need anybody! But it gets better- there’s another love offer on the way! If you’re already in a relationship, This could be your person! Don’t give up on love! You were brought certain people in your life for a certain reason. You are not broken there’s nothing wrong with you! If anything, you taught these people a bit or two about love. And keep in mind, these connections could be platonic or family as well. I see air and fire signs coming in this pile but honestly it doesn’t really matter. The new love could be more grounded and more earthy. This is more about the energy the person brought to your life than anything else. You’re being asked to keep releasing the past. (And the angels see you were working on it because the devil came up reversed!

This is a love message for a lot of you guys, but I also feel like this could be about friendships as well. The main message is that someone is being brought into your life to help you heal! And for a lot of you this is the one!

BLESSINGS ON THE WAY: Third eye opening, angel in the form of a friend, peace, healing, path is cleared so you can achieve your goals!

Option 4

Your angels really want you to know that no dream is out of reach! I feel like a lot of you guys recently had to face of fear, but I feel like now you’re unstoppable! You guys are really leaving behind the old you! For some of you this is actually physical -you’re going to make a physical move! For the rest is just symbolic of all this energy of change around you!

When it comes to love, I see text messages! Someone definitely is going to be communicating with you! I feel like someone wants to express their love towards you! I do see you guys connecting with a new love! But that’s not it, I also do see an energy of someone trying to resurface from the past! Either way you’re going to have your love life improve.

Your angels really want you to know that no dream of yours is unachievable!! You probably are very grounded and logical, so it’s OK to have idealistic fantasies! I see that there is some sort of dream that you’ve been having and trying to manifest and you are so close to it!

BLESSINGS ON THE WAY: Wisdom to make the right choice, money & income, protection from harm when journeying


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