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Pick A Card: 7/21/2020

HELLO 👋 LOVE MESSAGES FOR SINGLES TODAY!! BTW – I made another confession on my personal account @queenalicelive !! I definitely want to share a message for people who may feel the same way as I do! This is the reason why I keep doing what I’m doing. Anyway today’s message is for singles but they definitely resonate with friendships or anything else going on in your life! ❤️❤️❤️

Option 1

Divine intervention definitely stopped a certain connection and its track. Could’ve been a friend, or an ex lover. This person did not have the best intentions, and you put that to rest. Your angel said good job at recognizing what’s right for you! You may be in a bit of a hermit mode right now, but it’s going be worth it!

Now this is interesting, but someone out there really loves you. (This is a separate connection from the person above) This person is also recovering from some hurt. (From you possibly, but outside sources as well) They are trying to heal so that they can come towards you. They really don’t want to let you go, but the realized they needed to work on themselves or the connection won’t have a chance.

Advice from your angels: Listen to your intuition, I feel like there’s a lot going on in this pile. It ends with 10 of cups so you guys are going to get a happy ending very soon! After this very hard time., Comes a huge blessing! Remember there’s a reason behind everything! (that’s why the hierophant came in, to remind you. The angels got your back)

Option 2

Wow! You definitely ended a really tough karmic cycle! You should congratulate yourself! You really know how to walk away from childish people! On top of that, it looks like you really know what a red flag looks like! Don’t feel guilty for doing what’s best for you!

There is someone really debating about giving you a love offer here. They are feeling really indecisive right now. Mind you, they’re not indecisive about you. They are indecisive about if it’s too late or not to make this offer. This person does have regrets on how they handled the connection. They realized you were trying to help them, but they needed a bit of healing to see that.

You may also be feeling confused right now. You have a ton of offers on the way, but your soul definitely is calling for one person in particular. I do sense reconciliation energy!! There definitely needs to be communication and forgiveness in this connection.

Option 3

Very interesting! And so it seems as though you guys went through a period where you were very closed off towards love. It’s not that you stopped believing in love, it’s just that you had enough with the connections that were not fulfilling you. You guys are on fire right now! YOU know exactly what you’re looking for!

You are currently going through a transformation where you’re beginning to see someone from the past very differently. Some of you guys recently might of broke up with someone, (or this breakup was awhile ago) or YOU are losing interested in someone you thought was amazing at some point. The reason is because you are truly growing. The universe has been hearing your prayers and affirmations, and guess what “the one” is on the way!

Very soon, you will be giving a chance to someone. If you already met someone and things are going well, this could possibly be that person! I see someone stable, and reliable. I YOUR EX crying when they find out what THEY LOST! THAT SILLY LITTLE BOY/GIRL. You are one bad bitch!

Option 4

I see that you are working on yourself! Nice! My angels told me that you guys are being workaholics! I just feel like you guys are trying to do what you can to improve your life right now. There’s nothing wrong with that! I feel like you guys are ignoring your feelings about something. (PERHAPS YOU NEED SOME REST?!)

First of all I do see that friendship is very important in this pile, you’re being advised to let your friends help you with whatever you were going through right now. There are a few good people around you don’t worry! I definitely feel like some immature people of been trying to try your patience.

There is definitely someone who has their eyes on you. This person is coming across way more nonchalant then they intend to. They see you having fun and being independent, and it’s actually driving them crazy! This person is probably going to charge at your full speed within the next couple weeks. The truth is that this person finds you very inspiring and they don’t wanna be without you.

Although there’s a karmic connection here, my angels just want me to remind you that you are way out of this person’s league so make sure you set the terms this time!😂😂😂 (could be a new love for some of you. But for most you know who this is)


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