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Angel number 420 meaning

😇 Are you seeing angel number 420?! This is the number I started to see a lot last year. I did always kind of associate it with the actual date 4/20 LOL! Not to say that you need to smoke a joint or anything, but I really do feel with this number the angels are jokingly tell you to chill out a bit. YOU may be going through something a bit rough but you are meant to just take a lighthearted approach to things right now.

Everything that is happening in your life is actually setting you on course to a necessary change. And come to think of it I’m in a whole different place than I was April of last year. I don’t even see this number anymore so I know that when I was seeing it it was preparing me for the changes that were about to happen in my life.

So when you see this number and know that you probably are going to have life changing new helpful people coming into your life. You will possibly move to a new environment and start fresh somewhere else too ! Basically just relax your whole situation is going to look different if you don’t like where you’re at currently.


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