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Pick A Card: 8/5/2020

HELLO QUEENS AND KINGS👋 FIRST OF I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH, 🥺 I wanted to do something empowering today for you guys!! I know life can be a bit difficult trying to find your place in the world, so I created this post today to help you out! Also these are blessings and predictions as well! ❤️ Part of my job here is to help direct you guys towards your life purpose! Never forget who you are! ALSO, Thanks again for all the support on the oracle decks! 💕🥰🥺 Follow my other account @queenalicelive !!! FOR MORE IF YOU WANT ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Option 1

You have high priestess vibes! You are incredibly intuitive and know what is UP! You also have a gift of reading the room (BIG EMPATH ENERGY). The universe/ your angels often deliver messages to you about your own life & other people. You have the gift of telling people exactly what they need to hear at the right time! You have the gift of channeling ! Trust your gut!

Blessing on the way: Because you naturally are mothering, intuitive, wise & nurturing, you attract people to you like a moth to a flame. You may struggle with never receiving back all the love you give to others. The angels are sending you someone who has unconditional love for you in your life. (Or they are already around you. This can be a friend or potential new love on the way!)

Option 2

You are innovative AF! You may be an air sign or have air in your chart. Either way you are seen as both humanitarian & unique. Your life path is to free yourself and others from outdated beliefs. You may be the black sheep of your family or grew up feeling off or different from others. There is nothing wrong with you – YOU ARE AHEAD OF YOUR TIME! You have the ability to liberate others from outdated beliefs.

Blessing on the way: You are finding / figuring out your life purpose! You are going to gain recognition & success in this life time. ITS YOUR DESTINY to have people hear what you have to say! Passion is coming back into your life, Prepare to do and create what has never been done before. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF & SHINE! (You may reach some level of fame, if you are true to yourself)

Option 3

Wow! You are one bad bitch! You are extremely POWERFUL. You probably had a past life as a warrior. You are an old soul with an important purpose. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The universe/ your angels may have put you through a tough challenge recently, but that’s because they are leveling you up for the next step. You have great teaching & commutation skills. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR FIELD OF EXPERTISE! You also have GREAT manifesting abilities.

Blessing on the way: You have reached a point in life where you are no longer a student, but a mentor! (Or you are headed there) People are going to really be listening to what you have to say. Also I see a lot of job opportunities & career leveling up here!! I see a money/ finance windfall for you guys!

Option 4

WOW! You have some goddess energy here, you are extremely charismatic & captivating. It is part of your destiny to step foot into that energy. You have a survivors spirit & you can outsmart others. You definitely incarnated with some sort of gift or talent that makes you stand out, (from spiritual work, science, & even musical talents I see here) It may be hard for you to figure out what direction to go in because of all these talents, be patient, the answers will come. If you know your dream, what’s holding you back!? GO FOR IT!

Blessing on the way: You guys have a life mission where you will also be in a great partnership. I see this person coming on your path (if they haven’t already) YOUR life partner is a healer as well. So I see you living a double mission together! POWER COUPLE VIBES!!

Option 5

You are fiery and passionate! You may feel passionate about sticking up for others & doing the right thing! GOOD FOR YOU! Inside your tough exterior also lies a very deep and poetic soul. You are a really kind person. (You may try to hide that to avoid energy vamps) You are also a bit of a heart breaker. A few people are crazy about you right now! People are attracted to your heart because its radiating such loving energy!!

Blessing on the way: OF course, I see a love offer coming. (From the person on your mind) But besides that, You have become aware of who is good for you and who isn’t. I see the angels protecting you from energy vampires! Also I see you guys in the future writing some song, novel, article, etc that has a positive impact on humanity! Keep up the good work!

Option 6

You may love your solitude. (Perhaps some virgo energy in the chart) Never let anyone make you feel bad for needing time alone, You are not meant to be part of the hustle and bustle of every day life. I also see that being alone helps you gain wisdom & hear your angels! You may been on a quest of self development right now. I see you have a gift of being both fair/logical and compassionate.

Blessing on the way: Deep down you do love people, you just can’t stand lower level energy things such as gossip etc. But I do see some sort of great idea coming out of you that will make you very successful. I also see you are gaining the respect of you family, friends & community by staying above drama. Someone may of tried to get under your skin, they will have their karma.


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