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Pick A Card: 8/13/2020

HELLO !! ❤️ I stopped having a scheduled day for these posts, because I didn’t want to force them out all the time. I honestly just love to work off of inspiration! So sorry sometimes if these posts seem a little delayed or random. It’s only because I want to make sure I do a good job of RELAYING the messages for you guys! I usually always post once a week! Is there any topic you guys want me to hit in the next post? COMMENT BELOW!!! LOVE YOU ALL HAPPY WEDNESDAY (ALSO THESE ARE TIMELESS!)❤️❤️❤️❤️

Option 1

You may feel like life has caused you to take a pause. You actually are getting a lot of psychic insight right now. You also are becoming a more confident version of yourself. You are being advised from the angels to keep BEING yourself! That’s all that really matters right now! You are already doing a great job and you definitely do stand out from the crowd! I also see that nobody can stop you from achieving your goals!

BLESSING: More confidence in yourself, & A FEW manifestations you been working on are coming in. I’M SEEING GLOW UPS! & a secret admirer has been watching you from afar! They will reach out possibly this week! (Could be an air or fire sign person!!)

Option 2

You definitely are really frustrated about something in your life right now. If not, maybe you just don’t feel like the fruits of your labor are paying off. (THE UNIVERSE IS TEACHING YOU STAMINA, STRENGTH & PATIENCE)This could be in your career or love life! But I definitely feel like money is coming in for this pile! You are actually headed into a successful time!

I also see as well somebody has been working on themselves so that they can come forward and offer you something in love. OF course, if you’re in a relationship already, this is the person you are with!) But for a lot of you I see a surprise I love blessing on the way!!!

BLESSING: A divinely guided relationship, or person will bring you a lot of luck and success! This can also be a friendship or business partnership for some of you!

Option 3

Wow! Someone is not happy with the way things went in your past relationship. I’m definitely getting an ex here! (Or ex friend) (fire & earth energy) This person is fixated on making things right with you! However I feel like you already tried to build a home with this person and they kind of dropped the ball. But I do feel someone’s going to be coming forward trying to make you an offer. I’m hearing “can I have a second chance?!” ITS UP TO YOU HERE!

BLESSING: Ever since this person dropped the ball, you changed EVEN MORE (for the better. Bad bitch energy)! Of course they want you back! ITS UP TO YOU. You will receive a few love offers/ PEOPLE WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND😍. GET READY! It’s up to you. If you don’t want them, thank them for the glow up 😘

Option 4

How lucky! You guys are actually getting a wish granted! You should believe in your abilities as a magic babe (I meant to type maker but babe wanted to come in 😂) to manifest your wishes! A HUGE wish of yours that you AT TIMES almost gave up on, is about to be granted! Honestly IT may catch you off guard! I do feel for a lot of you guys this a love blessing! But if your goal was to become more successful, and independent, that’s about to happen AS WELL!

BLESSING: Successful self employment is coming in here! Especially if that’s your goal. Someone also wants to make a love offer to you but they keep retreating back in their shell because they are terrified of being rejected by you! You will receive a message from probably the person that you wanna most receive a message from! 🥰

Option 5

WOW! Another wish is going to be granted in this PILE! First of all don’t give up! That’s a huge message your angels want you to know. Protect what you created! Have courage and believe in the fact that you can achieve what you want! I feel like you guys sometimes think about giving up because you question your abilities. Do not do this! This week, you probably are gonna have a blast from the past. Someone definitely wants to come in and tell you that they’ve been working on themselves! (AND YOUR FIRE INSPIRES THEM!)

BLESSING: I feel like you guys secretly wanted someone to do some self improvement, so I see possibly you hearing from this person very soon. (This could also be someone in your life currently) someone around you is having an awakening!! ALSO IF YOU DONT GIVE UP, what you want is COMING IN FAST! (Work and personal achievement goals coming in here)

Option 6

JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED! I feel like for anyone dealing with any kind of legal situation, or difficult person… Karma is on your side! Just in general, THE UNIVERSE is on your side guy so there’s really nothing to worry about. I always feel like sometimes it may feel like you lost the battle.. but in return you’re going to win the war! Especially when you act with integrity and courage. Your angels are helping you see that you have an enchanted life.. whatever mishap happened in the past.. That was a happy accident! ITS LEADING YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! Plus the angels sometimes test us (to make sure you are ready for a huge blessing) and you guys always outdo their expectations!

BLESSING: I feel like for every person, this is going to be a unique blessing. But I definitely feel like someone is going to start putting you first. There could be a change in our relationship in your life. If you eliminated people from your life who have no chance of changing, they are going to be replaced with some bomb ass people! 😘🥰 I’M seeing a ride or die friend/lover/partner etc! 😇


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