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Pick A Card: 8/28/2020

HELLO !! ❤️ I’M BACK 🥰 NUMBER 6 is 5 ! Sorry guys when channeling too hard you make dumb mistakes !! 😂😂YOU GUYS READY FOR THE WEEKEND? NEW VIDEO WILL BE UP ON MY CHANNEL TOMORROW! Don’t give up on your dreams. Challenges always get us leveled up & ready for the next step! ❤️

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Option 1


If you chose option one, it definitely looks like you are going through a huge period of learning. I definitely feel like you are still healing from some past hurts (BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF). This week, you’re definitely going to be feeling a lot better!  You have been working hard & looking good! It’s time to celebrate. 

When it comes to love, someone’s has thinking about you long term. This could be an ex from the past, or someone you’re currently seeing right now. If this is not an ex, then the person that you are seeing definitely has been hurt before so that’s why they are slow to open up.. I AM SEEING MARRIAGE POTENTIAL HERE!! 

Overall, you are a very innovative and original person! I see your relationships and love life’s are improving, and also you are going to be feeling very at home and stable! You also have become a great communicator so keep speaking your mind! You are the empress!! 

Option 2


If you chose option two, you are definitely on a new cycle right now. I see that you have gone through a serious transformation. You are hardly the person you were before! Your days of over giving to people are over. YOU know how to stand in your power now. Keep up the good work. Love & friendships are improving! 

When it comes to love, you got a Lot OF options! I see you might have to make a decision very soon. You are actually manifesting a new love. I feel someone from the past is going to try to make you an offer, however I don’t really think you want to repeat the past with this person unless they are offering you something solid. 

A lot of people want your attention! Make sure you spend some time alone this week to reflect. I do feel that some of you are planning a trip soon! That should be fun!

BONUS MESSAGE: A friend from your past is definitely stalking you. They are having major regrets on how they treated you!

Option 3


Your angels want to remind you how talented you are. If you’re feeling called to create anything of the arts, this is your sign! Yes, your artwork is good enough! I’m seeing that you have some sort of gift or talent that you don’t believe in. Your angels are saying that people would love to see what you are working on. There will actually be an opportunity to showcase your talent very soon! 

You have a huge destiny! You may of had a painful ending with someone in your past recently. This person is going through a huge transformation. I do feel like they are trying to work on themselves. I feel like this person is going to try to make an offer very soon.. They have been watching you on social media glow up! Regardless if you want this person or not, they thought you a very valuable lesson!

Over all, Your angels don’t want you to give up on your dreams. Regardless of what goes on in your personal life you have a huge destiny! As a matter of fact, painful situations can be transform & empower you. (Or inspire your art./ Some of you are destined to help others going through similar experiences!)

Option 4


If you chose option four, you definitely have a huge opportunity coming your way! This is a good sign for anyone that is feeling a little bit stagnant or unsure in your career. This opportunity can come sooner then you think! You may be frustrated with the way some people are acting right now. But don’t pay them any mind, these people are just jealous! As empaths, you may be able to feel other peoples toxic energy. Just block out any pettiness right now!You may be 

All the experiences in your love life right now are to help encourage your growth. Keep being yourself! I definitely feel like you’re becoming very wise. You’re also expanding a lot in your career. Your career/ passions are what’s most important right now. 

I sense an apology is coming from someone from your past. This person definitely took you for granted. They are seeing how well you are doing without them, and they wonder if you still are thinking of them also.

Option 5


You have been working long and hard, and you deserve nothing but the best! Your angel see how kind and empathetic you are. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I see that you have been working hard on some sort of project or goal, success is on the way! You always tend to do things the right way, that doesn’t always get you the success quick, but when it does come it will be stable and lasting! Be proud of yourself for not compromising your values to get ahead!

You also have been pretty strong in your love life lately. I feel like someone was trying to persuade you with passion, but you are thinking more logically these days. Good job saying no to that person from your past. If you haven’t yet, somebody might still try to make you an offer. I feel like you’re on a whole new cycle now so better is coming your way.

Don’t give up before the miracle! You will have everything you want. Dream job, home & marriage is in your DESTINY! 


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