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Pick A Card: 9/9/2020

HELLO !! ❤️ QUEENS AND KINGS! DID you know that you are so incredibly loved by your angels!? Sometimes you become so cynical with every day life we forget these things. There’s actually someone out there who does love you unconditionally, even if they aren’t here in the flesh right now. I just felt the need to remind you that you are loved!

Hope you guys have a wonderful week! This is definitely going to be a great month for change for a lot of people. I see so many of your manifestations finally cultivating! It’s amazing! 😍🥰❤️❤️

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Option 1

WHAT IS YOUR INTUITION TELLING YOU? You are going through another spiritual awakening & your abilities are growing strongly!

A few people have been thinking about you a lot lately. I have a feeling you lost contact / stop talking to at least one of these people within the last few months. If you randomly have spells of emotions, this could be you feeling their energies. There is a huge energy of regret from one person who let you down & they will contact you soon.

You also have been (or are going to go) in a hermit mode. Trust your intuition. You are getting in touch with your empathetic side lately. You may be having dreams about people people as well.

You are becoming more successful, but also more aware of people’s motives. Keep a distance from people who are always taking from you & not considering your feelings.
Blessing on the way: an apology, finances will increase

Option 2

You are realizing your power right now. I see the universe has a huge surprise for you on the way, so be patient. Whatever you have been trying to manifest is coming! I also see that you are becoming more balanced. Keep up the good work! I also see that there is a work opportunity on the way for you. If you are staring a new venture, this will also be a good move for you. I see a happy balance between two jobs, (or work and school for some of you.)

Someone right now Is realizing how much you mean to them. You were always very nurturing to this person. This person could be childish & even cold at times, but deep down they really do care about you. (They cold be an air or fire sign or have those placements)

They want to make you an offer because they feel empty without you in their life.
BLESSING: There is a serious love offer on the way. FOLLOW YOUR HEART!

Option 3

There are some serious changes going on in your life right now. You may sometimes feel like a fish out of water because you are doing so many new things at once. However what you are doing right now will lead you to the life that you’ve always wanted. I do see that a lot I hope your seeds are well planted, so don’t even worry.

In the past, you may have filled up your time with pointless people or bad habits to fill the void. You are now changing to the point where YOU WILL KNOW YOU ARE moving in the direction you want to. I see that you are also manifesting the partnership all of your dreams.

Wow! The king and queen of swords came up together. YOU will get into a partnership or a business or romantic level where two people come together and create something stable.

BLESSING: YOU ARE healing from the past. If you are in a relationship, or seeing someone right now I see MARRIAGE. If you are single you will meet someone new.

Option 4

Yay! You have finally healed from a situation in your past that was really difficult for you. I see that you are finally going to feel inspired again about what you’re doing!
In the past someone may have said or done something to really hurt you, but you’ve overcome this obstacle. As a matter fact- you proved this person wrong with something that you’re doing right now! I feel like even if you are blocked, someone has been watching you a lot and they are planning to come in and tell you how impressed by you that they really are. I feel for some of you this could be an ex friend, or lover. This person harshly judged you at some point.

YOU are so strong. Your angels want you to know YOU CAN DO IT. And YES, it is coming. (To whatever is on your mind)

There is going to be a huge divine intervention / blessing coming get ready!
SOMEONE is crazy about you right now. This person tried everything to forget you & they can not ! You will see evidence of this soon.

Option 5

You need to stop worrying so much, and just enjoy life! Yes, you are going through a transformation right now! You are NOT the same person that you were a year ago. Don’t be afraid to change! Embrace it! You’re going to have to take a leap of faith for something new very soon. Do not be discouraged.

You may be missing an opportunity to go after something you really want right now out of fear (love or work related). YOU know what you want, why are you dragging your feet!? If you really feel like there’s nothing going on around you, expect excitement & clarity to come soon. (Opportunity is all around you!)

Overall, I feel like you need to have fun right now to spark inspiration. I see that you are going to be making a lot of new friends. (or reconnecting with old ones)

If you just started dating/ taking interest someone new, I feel like starting off as friends it’s a really good idea! If you are doing that right now, this is your sign that you’re on the right path!


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