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Pick A Card: 9/15/2020

HELLO !! ❤️ QUEENS AND KINGS! I heard a message that a lot of you guys should pick two piles today! 🌺🌸🌼

I apologize for never having a consistent day that I upload these, but I like to remind you guys that I work on inspiration❤️. I try to keep on schedule when it comes to YouTube so you guys know what to expect, but it’s pretty tough to always channel on demand LOL today I was feeling inspired to do some nice post for you guys, so I hope you like your messages! 😍🥰❤️

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Option 1

I feel a lot if you guys have been in your head lately. Life is about to get a lot better, so stop stressing! I feel like the main reason you are so stressed is because you are unhappy about a current situation & you are afraid to make a change.

What if I told you as soon as you let go/ make this change, you will feel a lot better!? This letting go could have anything to do with any aspect of life. (Moving, quitting a job, taking a vacation, taking a risk on love, or letting go of an ex).

I SEE SOME of you guys have to let go of your fears about money, while others need to let go of a job all together that’s no longer serving you. Some of you, this is about letting go of your FEARS and letting the world see a talent of yours!!!

I see for a lot of you a new opportunity is coming (or a new love offer!). If an opportunity is already here what are you so afraid of!? TAKE THAT STEP!

You can make your dreams a reality! I feel like you guys are very passionate people who are meant to follow your dreams! YOU GOT THIS!

Option 2

OK Miss Independent I see you! (or Mr independent) You are entering a time period where you really are in control & not letting anyone stop you! I see huge financial blessings coming to this pile.

You took a lot of risks in the past, and THEY ARE beginning to pay off. Honestly you guys are doing really well, and you need to congratulate yourself.

I feel some of you may suffer from anxiety, depression etc. You definitely had some people close to you let you down in the past & you are still healing.. REMIND YOURSELF, You are becoming SUCCESSFUL because you took those experiences and made the most of them!!

I really see huge career blessings for this pile. FATE is going to bring you what you deserve. Your good karma is paying off. Your angels do not want to see you sad anymore, so they are going to bless you with something real nice!(specific to your situation and what you need) 🥺❤️ DON’T GIVE UP YOU ARE SO CLOSE TO ACHIEVING A GOAL! ❤️

Option 3

I feel that someone has their eyes on you right now. You could be dealing with a fire sign, or an air sign. (I also see Virgo energy) This person was definitely a karmic situation brought into your life to teach you a valuable lesson.

This person feels like what you guys had together IS NOT over yet. This person is spying on you hard core. This message is brought to you by your Angels because THEY want to assure you that you ARE not crazy (you have been feeling their energy & seeing lots of signs about this person right?!). They are definitely stalking your PAGES and going crazy over you.

Eventually, they’re going to give in and message you. It’s up to you what you WANT TO do with this situation. This person feels like they have been working on themselves, but it’s really up to you to decide. I feel like a lot of you guys should take constructive criticism from your friends around you about this situation. Does this person really make you happy? 😉

Option 4

Wow! I see a lot of stability coming into your life! I see that you guys have been working hard trying to balance your life out. I feel like your days of imbalanced relationships are over! I see a huge love blessing coming in.

Someone you are dating wants to offer you commitment! If you haven’t met anyone yet, this could be a sign that a new love is coming in that can truly last.

A lot of you guys are worried that you may not be able to balance everything, (a career, your family, and a relationship all at once? Of course this is possible!) I feel like in the past you always felt like something was lacking, but it’s only because you weren’t in balance like you are now.

Also some of you are just over stressing about work. STOP! you will have success because you work hard, and you are awesome at planning for your future. AND ON TOP OF THAT your partner (or future)/ soulmate is destined to bring a stable energy into your life as well!

Option 5

You are climbing towards success! I see that you guys have been through a lot, but that WONT stop you! I see that you are someone who is very passionate about work, friends, and your family. Just because there’s conflict in your life, does not mean you’re not destined for success!

I feel like you guys may be going through a few challenges right now, but those challenges are meant to help you in one way or another find your purpose in life. I see that you guys are meant to be in a position authority, and you’re meant to be successful! I can’t say that enough! So everything that you’re currently going through is to help you initiate yourself into your destiny!

I feel like you guys don’t even BELIEVE yet what your full potential really is.
You guys definitely possess some sort of talent that no one else has! Please believe in yourself, I don’t give up! Do you have a gift of channeling your heartache or heartbreak into success!

Someone’s definitely going to want a second chance with you. (That person who hurt you) BUT BY then you’re gonna be so far up the ladder of success you won’t hear them DOWN THERE. 😂😂


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