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Pick A Card: 9/27/2020

HELLO !! ❤️ QUEENS AND KINGS! How are you guys doing today?! I feel like a lot of people are struggling with this Mars retrograde! The angels just wanna remind you guys to take everything a day at a time. 🥰☝️ Nobody is Superman/superwoman all the time! It’s OK to take a break! 🥰❤️

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Option 1

Your angels just want you to relax, & breathe right now. Looks like there’s a lot of things going on your life that is changing for the positive. I see you guys entering a time of independence. You definitely are becoming very stable within yourself. If you’re experiencing any stress about money, don’t worry things are gonna be improving very soon! ❤️ 💰

I see certain people around you may be acting a bit childish, (possibly even family members or close friends.) Don’t focus too much on that, focus on yourself and your health right now!!

I actually sent a few energies of people that are very interested in you right now, so expect a message soon from someone who’s been missing you a lot! (air or water sign possibly!)

You might have to make an important choice when it comes to love very soon.

BLESSING ON THE WAY: Improved health, happiness, success and independence.

Option 2

You may be experiencing an obstacle in an area right now. Just trust that your angels have your back! You are extremely intelligent, and you know the right answer. I feel that you are someone who needs to be living a life of freedom and passion. Don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your goals and dreams. I see that you are discovering your life purpose right now, so be patient. Everything that’s happening is leading you in the right direction. TRUST THE SIGNS!

There’s definitely someone who has strong feelings for you right now. This person is feeling hurt by something that happened between the two of you in the past. Deep down they are still very devoted to you, but they might be acting a little off or strange. Expect this person to take action towards you very soon. This person definitely has you on their mind!

Blessing: Discovering a solution to a problem. Someone on your will contact you soon.

Option 3

Your ancestors and angels are very proud of you for the recent changes you have been making in your life. I see that you have been putting up boundaries, and putting yourself first. Because of these changes you’re making, you are attracting better people and situations into your life. Pretty soon you’re going to be invited to a night out, and you should take this offer! You deserve to celebrate. It could be invited out by a significant other, crush or a friend of yours. I also see as well that you guys may be planning a trip very soon! If you feel like you don’t have the money for any of that, expect some sort of windfall of cash.

For those that I’ve been working hard and have the money, please treat yourself!
You have carried the weight and burdens of other people for so long you must nurture yourself as well!!!

Blessing: friends, money, travel & FUN!

Option 4

WOW! YOU LOOK GREAT! Don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your dreams! I feel like there has been a lot of distractions in your life lately. If other people don’t support you and what you want to do, then don’t ask for their opinion! I see as well that you guys are healers, so sometimes people want to keep you around because it benefits them. Focus on yourself right now, you’re going to be a lot happier! You guys are really loyal and devoted people, you need to be a bit more devoted to what you want right now! (yes! You CAN!)

I see that you guys are also GLOWING up right now! You may be seeking validation or reassurance for the people around you, but they may try to keep you at the level that they’re at. Trust your own gut. And if you’ve been working hard on yourself I see that you are doing a great job!

Set up from your past wants to apologize for some immature behavior that they have been displaying. (Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini & Scorpio energy here)

Blessing: Glowing up, stepping out into the spotlight; & not letting others get in your way!

Option 5

A life-changing blessing IS about to enter your life! I see that you guys have worked really hard to be the person that you are today! I also see as well that you have been working really hard lately. Be patient! I may feel like you’re getting nowhere, BUT before you know what you’re gonna end up exactly where you want to be! I feel like a lot of you guys have these big goals and dreams (you’re not sure how they’re going to happen, but they are!)

Stop doubting yourself! It’s OK to be different and feel strange! Those things ARE what makes you stand out from the rest!

I see for this pile, someone definitely wants to commit to you. They may be taking their time but they are really serious about this connection with you! (If you are dating someone be patient with them!) I SEE LOYALTY HERE!

If you ARE single and don’t know anyone like this, this is a sign that a true love is on the way!

BLESSING: What do you want IS coming! Don’t give up hope


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