Turning Negative Experiences Into Positives

I think the best talent in life is to trick your brain into molding a bad experience into a POSITIVE LEARNING one. As I shared with some of you guys, IN 2017, I started my YouTube channel after being really hurt by life.. but a series of events in my life brought me exactly TO THAT BREAKING POINT. WE SHOULD HONOR OUR PAIN BUT CHOOSE NOT TO SIT IN IT FOREVER.

I was so unhappy with my life I chose to do something different (create a YouTube video) I couldn’t change what had happened to me, or how hurt I was. BUT I HAD THE POWER TO CHANGE MY LIFE. You can’t turn back the clock, but you can create a future worth living for. And again, painful endings trigger these powerful transformations.

If you are currently going through something, this is you chance to create a change. This is what our angels want us to know. TIME HEALS EVERYTHING!! ++++ I feel recently I had another one of those breaking points that Catapulted important changes in my life! I have the power to transform my life & SO DO YOU!


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