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Pick A Card: 10/6/2020

HELLO !! ❤️ QUEENS AND KINGS! GEORGE wanted to be in the spotlight so I let him. 😊❤️ Follow my Instagram account @queenalicelive if you want to see more George!! He was a foster cat but now he’s mine and I feel super blessed!! 🌞

I also moved again so I am settled in! (Still a lot to do) THANKS EVERYONE for being patient with me as I go through these changes! I LOVE YOU ALL AND feel these messages were really special! 😍🥰

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Option 1

You may be feeling at a loss about something in your life right now. Or possibly you’re just tired, frustrated, bored or just feeling stagnant. Something really good is on the way. YOU HAVE been prepping for a long time for these changes, so don’t get discouraged. A lot of the recent events in your life has caused you to become WISE. (It feels you learned 3 months what some learn in 3 lifetimes!). Do not stress over the mice nibbling at your feet. YOU ARE A QUEEN/ QUEEN DONT FORGET IT.

LOVE: You ARE on a new chapter. You are definitely DESTINED to be with someone very successful! (KING OF PENTACLES NOT THE PAGE!) I see that a relationship with someone who hurt you didn’t work out, but don’t give up on love! This is a sign a new love is on the way. If you are dating someone new this is a great sign! YOU ARE GETTING A YES! For any question in your mind.

BLESSING: THE FUTURE IS BETTER THEN YOU EXPECT IN BOTH WORK AND LOVE. Look to the future not the past! I SEE MONEY AND stability for sure!!

Option 2

You are so unique! You should be blessed to know that there’s only one of you in the world !! I feel like you got a whole lot of admirers for your uniqueness. Don’t ever change who you are for anyone! I feel like there’s something about you that IS SPECIAL & makes people really interested in what you have going on. It’s just a sign that whatever you devote your time to will be successful.
Stop doubting YOURSELF!

LOVE: You are or will receive a whole lot of ADMIRATION from both sexes. Even though a lot of people may be giving you attention (or soon) doesn’t mean you have to give away all your energy to them. I feel like you guys should watch and see who puts in the work for you right now! This is both a friendship and love message. You may be coming out a hermit period of your life, so take it easy. ❤️

BLESSING: You are becoming very popular. A lot of people want to be around you right now. There’s gonna be some new opportunity coming through making new friends. A wish is going to be fulfilled when it comes to love.
& Your ex is thinking of messaging you.


You are definitely in someone’s thoughts HEAVILY right now. This could be an ex or some of the past. This can also be a family member or friend for some people. (I am even getting father energy) It just feels like you have a disconnect with someone who really cares about you right now. This person is weighing the pros and cons, and reflecting on their past behaviors. This person knows they didn’t care for you or take care of you like they promised/ should of, and they regret that.

This person also realizes they prioritized the wrong people/ work over you. They are going through a period of isolation. This person realizes how special you are and wish that they did better for you. FATE is going to bring this person back into your life and they’re going to express how truly passionate they are about you. Regardless if you want this person back or not, this is a message YOU need to hear right now today.

BLESSING: You need to realize how valuable you truly are. People miss you when you’re not around. Your kindness changes lives & people always miss out and you when you are gone! Someone from your past will express this soon!❤️

Option 4

You are a very diligent and hard-working person. You do things right way, that may sometimes make you feel like you’re not getting anywhere, but you have an honor and respect of the people who are valuable. You are destined to be whoever you want to be in this world. Do not pay mind people resort to negative or toxic behaviors to get their way in life, because they never actually win. Don’t be fooled by appearances, or false idols.

You are doing a great job! YOUR ANGELS just want you to know and remind you that being real in this world is far more valuable than any superficial gratification! HOWEVER, the honor & respect you deserve is coming. Also, I see some good times& fun times ahead. (I have a vision of you celebrating an achievement)

There was or could be somebody being sneaky or toxic around you, if you’re aware of these behaviors, ignore this person. Your angels see everything and I’ll take care of it for you. 🧡🥰

BLESSING: You are on the way to real friendships & you will be enjoying a night out very soon. & karma is coming for whoever hurt you. (I apologize on their behalf because you deserve way better❤️)

Option 5

You definitely have the heart of somebody right now !! (Or a few people!) I see a lot of love offers coming your way this week! I see as well that someone is particularly upset about missing out on the connection with you. This person admires your hard work ethic and your passion for what you do! I feel like through all your relationship experiences YOU HAVE become so wise and so valuable to so many people!

You will have the relationship of your dreams, it’s just all about making the right decision when it comes to choosing the right person! Don’t be upset that you wasted a lot of time on the wrong person, just be happy for the lesson because it led you to here.

BLESSING: You may be disappointed about the way things turned out in the past when it came to your passions, your work, or your love life. Angels are saying give it one last shot! This can mean anything from new love, your current relationship, or that project or dream that you want to go after! I’m feeling like you’re going to give some thing or someone you love your all, and you’re gonna be very happy with the outcome!


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