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ALICE: Confession 4

Confession 4: HAIR COLOR CHANGE &..

First of all thanks you guys so much for 100k subs on YouTube and 200k on TikTok! I feel so blessed. When I reached this YOUTUBE milestone in may, I never really thought it was that big of deal. Luckily for me some people around me including my sister Stephanie & the person I was seeing at the time reminded me how special this accomplishment was.

I always had a hard time seeing my own success. For me, I can always improve and do better. But someone on Patreon recently thanked me for my hard work & consistency & I really appreciate that because that’s really all it takes to be successful. AT the end of the day, it’s all just numbers, however those numbers represent ALL THE PEOPLE I’ve reached and helped over the years.

Some days I felt like giving up.. I had people that I mentored and care for betray me & “friends” and others try to bring me down. I felt alone in many parts of the process. I took every lesson and kept going! Thank you to the many of you guys reach out to tell me I’ve helped/ changed your life for the better. It honestly hasn’t been easy. But my dream is to help make the world a better place & I am living it. That is what makes all this worth it.

BTW I started YouTube 3 years ago today, I have changed so much alongside you guys.. my mission is to just inspire you all towards your dreams & hopefully I can expand even more!

BTW I moved back to NJ ❤️😊and I am enjoying this fall weather. I am finally feeling like I have the proper support I need in my life. So if you feel alone & overworked, don’t worry there is better days ahead. I am ready for what comes next. How about you guys?! 


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