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Pick A Card: 10/18/2020

HELLO!! ❤️ QUEENS AND KINGS! I know you guys were waiting for a post! Here it is! I never want to rush these things for you guys! I hope you guys like it. I took a lot of your suggestions and try to combine it into one reading. I also uploaded on YouTube as well if you want to get more messages from your angels!

Mercury retrograde is among us, and it’s already been quite interesting for me! But I’m not really stressing too much because I know my angels got my back as well as yours😉😉😉.

I always just wanna let you guys know how much I love you and don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thing😊❤️. Follow my other Instagram account: @queenalicelive 😍🥰❤️

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Option 1

GENERAL: There’s huge MANIFESTATION energy in this pile. Positive Changes are coming! You may be feeling a bit skeptical, but LOA is real! You REALLY ARE CHANGING YOUR LIFE with some positive thinking!

LOVE: If you are single, I definitely feel like you ARE manifesting someone new. I see someone very unique coming on your path who will inspire you! If you know this person already, they are going to message you very soon!
If you’re in a relationship, you and your person are going to be entering a very fortunate time. You and your partner are going to be blessed with a lot more abundance.

CAREER: You are going to get the opportunity to shine very soon. I see some sort of breakthrough coming in the career department. Stay strong and keep going! This fall/ winter season is going to be very lucky for you as far as career goes!


GENERAL: Keep putting yourself first! This time PERIOD IS really important FOR YOU. Also, just breathe and relax everything is going to be OK! The universe is going to bless you with something very special! I definitely feel like there’s a love energy in this pile!

LOVE: Your love life is especially important right now. There’s a lot of people who have their eyes on you, at least two people for sure. There’s definitely someone from your past who wants to come back. Regardless if you’re in a relationship or not they still want to talk to you! (And they feel lost without you!) The passion has not died out. 

If you’re in a relationship right now, your person definitely has an undying passion & loyalty for you as well! 

WORK: You may also be receiving an important message about work. Someone may have a solution to a problem at work, or a soulmate wants to help you out with some sort of project or something money or work related!

Option 3

GENERAL: You are extremely talented! Why don’t you believe this!?? Stop hiding your talent from the world! (Or dimming your light) Just because some people in the past and not see your potential, does not mean you don’t have it! The universe is testing you right now don’t give up!

LOVE: You definitely are going to be manifesting a soulmate who is very supportive of your goals and dreams. If you already know someone like this, this person is currently thinking about how they could get closer to you.

If you’re in a relationship, your partner is actually trying to decide how they can support you better right now. I feel like healthy communication is going to be important for this relationship!! I see you guys working together to build something very solid!

CAREER: You’re definitely gonna start getting passion again and what you’re doing! I feel like for those that are doing creative projects, this time period Is going be really important for creativity. If you’re having any issues in the workplace right now, a solution is on the way! Angels do not want you to stress!!! 

Option 4

GENERAL: You are stepping into your power! People are realizing that you are force to be reckoned with! (Power and influence!)  I feel like you guys may need to take it easy because you’ve been fighting really hard. But you are not fighting for nothing! WHAT YOU ARE passionate about it is important to you..so don’t give up! 

LOVE: Someone has crazy wild feelings for you right now! I feel like this person really adores the fire in you! This person wants to go hang out and have fun with you very soon! 

I see as well you will be hanging out with friends and having a genuinely good time! You guys deserve it! I see somebody inviting you somewhere and you guys having a really good time (regardless if in your relationship or not), you’re going to be enjoying your friendships and romance life very soon.

WORK: I see some sort of wish fulfillment!!! You guys probably are going to be celebrating some sort of milestone or promotion very soon! For those that are waiting to hear back from some sort of news, it’s going to come back in your favor!

Option 5

GENERAL: You guys might need to be spending a little bit more time alone lately. I see that you guys gave a lot of time and energy towards some thing- Work, other people, your family etc. It’s time to just take some time out for you!

LOVE: Someone from the past is definitely going to message you out of the blue. Some of you do not want to hear from this person, so it’s OK you can definitely just ignore them. (But I thought I’d give you a heads up!) 

I also see a secret admirer coming forward for this pile!

If you are currently dating or seeing someone they are about to ask you out very soon!

If you’re in a relationship you or your partner may be hearing from some ghost of the past. You guys have a very unique and strong bond, There’s nothing to worry about on either end!

WORK: Slow down! You guys don’t have to do everything all at once! YOU MAY BE FEELING overwhelmed with a bunch of things to do. Don’t worry, you guys will get the strength to keep going! I don’t give up…focus on what is most important to you and start there! If you take a little bit more time to yourself, more energy will come to you & inspiration!!


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