Important Message: Beware of Scammers!

Hello everyone!

It’s been brought to my attention that there’s been a scammer (and they keep making accounts so it could be more than one) pretending to be me on Instagram and taking people‘s money and then blocking them! Please be more cautious when interacting with any accounts posing to be me. I don’t message people for readings!! The only place I offer readings right now is Patreon and IN my 18+ platform. I do not do personal readings to Instagram or email! – If you see any of these accounts please report them it will help me out and help out other people who support my channel!👏 I WILL LIST BELOW MY ACCOUNTS: (Please note that the scammer is using a name that similar to my name on Instagram but not my name.)


If anybody has any ideas and how to solve this problem let me know. I’m trying to work on getting verified on Instagram but Instagram is very hard to get in contact with. Also on top of it I’ve been trying to take down the accounts myself and it’s been hard to communicate with Instagram about the subject.

Thanks guys!

(( As of now I don’t have MY LoveExistsVisions Instagram & I had to put my QueenAliceLove account private. Instagram made a mistake and deleted my account.. I haven’t had it for three days now. I’ve been trying to get in contact with them with no luck. The scammers are harassing my friends, family and all of you guys and I’m not standing for it. On top of that when my account was removed they began to imitate my personal account.

YouTube videos will continue on every week. I will continue an Patreon an all my other platforms but for now I do not have my LoveExistsVisions ig…

Please report any suspicious accounts posing as me! I will not message ANY OF you guys FOR reading! ‼️ ))

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