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Pick A Card: 11/11/2020

Option 1


The 11:11 portal is going to open up a lot of great things for you.. I see that 2021 is going to be a outstanding year for you. Everything you’re going through right now is to gear you in the right direction! You were recently forced to surrender to certain circumstances that you couldn’t control. What you don’t know, is that these changes were brought into your life for a reason! You’re manifesting like crazy right now. I see a lot of financial and career success as well as good luck in this pile!

LOVE: I also see a love message in this pile…you are going to be brought a soulmate that is also going to travel and enjoy life with you! This person also has a hard-working mindset, I’m definitely sensing some of you can end up in a business partnership as well in 2021! You definitely will be having a soulmate around you soon, if you haven’t already met them yet! (They could have Capricorn, Libra, Sagittarius, PISCES, ARIES, Aquarius in chart)

I’m hearing for this pile your hard work has paid off!



Option 2


Don’t be sad! GET EXCITED!! It seems as though you guys have to or had recently said no! to someone (or something you had to let go of). This person/ situation probably was not kind to you & that hurt you guys a lot. But your angels see that you are growing so much & working on yourself. Sometimes you outgrow people in life. (Especially as spiritually aware individuals) That being said, getting over this hurdle is a huge part of you getting where you need to be in life. You are a light worker, sometimes you have trouble saying “no” to people. Because you have become more assertive and driven, the universe is going to reward you for this! I see financial success and new friends entering your life soon!

I see as well the universe may be forcing you to take a break. Take this as a blessing in disguise, lots of inspiration and drive is about to come in to your life! I see you guys finally finding a place you feel like you belong/ call home.🥺

I also see a lot of you guys manifesting new love and a new home in this pile! This is the end of stagnation for all of you! Also now, you are a lot wiser to get there any challenges. I see a lot of you meeting the person you are going to marry soon or in 2021. If you’re already in a partnership, this partnership listen to the next level.


Option 3


I see a lot of healing happening in this pile. I see that you guys are definitely enhancing yourself in all aspects of life. The main reason is because you are focused on you! And on top of it your confidence is going to go up. I feel like you guys have been working on self-love, and it’s been paying off. This pile seems to have had some issues with dishonest people/ Situations you could not trust. Now, you’re going to have clear vision about who and what is going on around you. You’re psychic abilities and clarity is going to be through the roof. Big happy changes are definitely coming for you all, and they’re coming soon you will see the benefits of this even before the year ends.

You are the star! I see that anyone that is working on helping others, it’s definitely coming back to you in a good way! I also see you were going to reach some sort of milestones and your career, or goals. I see that you have a lot of admirers of both genders platonic and not platonic. It seems that a lot of offers are coming in and you will have your choice of who you want. There are actually a few people with you on their mind, who are trying to change and be better to get on your level! Keep inspiring because it’s working!

Option 4


Some of you guys still may feel like you are going through retrograde right now! I definitely feel like the universe is just pushing you in a new direction (as uncomfortable as it may be.) I actually feel that some of you may be experiencing some stress related health issues. This is a sign that you need to start moving in a direction that motivates you AND FUELS you! Some of you just simply need to take a rest. You’ve been ignoring angels in one area of life for too long, and now they are trying to show you something very important! Also these challenges are making you stronger as well. 

Some of you feel like the universe is punishing you but actually the opposite is true. They are blessing you! You ARE going to get justice served for any wrongdoing anyone has done towards you. The angels have no control over who does you wrong, but they do protect you highly! I feel bad for whoever did you dirty because KARMA going to come for them! DON’T YOU WORRY! 

I also see as well someone who has been on in your mind romantically is going to make moves towards you. This person has been trying to change it for you! You’re going to get a blessing in a relationship that is dear to your heart.

The universe is giving pushing you and your soulmate into get you in action towards your life purposes!!!!

Option 5


So for this pile I definitely feel like the universe has put you through a tough test recently. I feel like you guys had to end a really bad karmic cycle! FOR A lot of you guys, this was your choice to end the cycle..so congratulations on your hard work! The cycle could’ve been a bad job, relationship, or habit. Regardless of what it was, your angels are saying keep up the good work! The next couple weeks you are going to see the results of this hard work! I also feel as well that you guys have been waiting patiently for the changes that were promised to you! They are coming! I see two things for this pile emotional fulfillment in love & career. Being loyal to who you are is paying OFF! 

If you just recently ended a relationship, you definitely are going to meet a new love that’s going to make you very happy! This person wants to be in your life for the long-haul and take care of you!

If you just left a job or situation that made you unhappy, you definitely are going to be happier with that decision! Whatever you were doing, it align anymore with who you truly are so cutting it off is going to truly make you happy!

You are definitely on a start of a new journey or chapter, that will bring you the success and recognition that you deserve! (Or a soulmate I will give you the love you deserve- if that’s what you were trying to manifest🥰)

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