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Pick A Card: 12/9/2020

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Pile 1

If you chose pile one, The angels want you to know that people are currently looking up to you right now!

You have worked really hard to get to where you are today and they see this!

The blessing I see coming in is that there’s gonna be a lot of people who want to help you out, and even collaborate with you! If your in the public eye, I see more support and followers on the way!

Also, you’re definitely going to get some sort of love blessing soon!

BLESSING: Admiration & respect, improved love life

Pile 2

If you chose pile two, the blessing you are receiving is an apology.
This could be from anyone in the past who has done you wrong. This person could be a Pisces, Capricorn, cancer, Scorpio, Aries, Gemini.

The angels also wanna remind you to take it easy and keep positive. You have been dealing with a lot of challenging people in the last couple months.

I also see a new person coming into your path!
(They are going to come as a form of what exactly you need, it could be loved but I also see that it’s friendship as well)

Blessing: an apology, a new friend/ love entering your life!

Pile 3

If he chose pile three, you are getting blessed with a whole new fresh start! You may have found that things are coming to an end in your life. Just know this is definitely divine intervention.

You actually are going to receive inspiration & direction to go after what your dreams truly are. I also see a lot of you guys getting good news or good results in your career/ school.

Your angels are also placing a lot of people around you who want to help you! You are not alone!

Blessing: Inspiration, Money, Success, CONFIDENCE

Pile 4

Pile 4, First of all wow! You are more protected than you even know! What I see here is that anyone that has done anything wrong to you is definitely getting karma served!

You can relax knowing that you don’t have to fight all of these battles.

There is something that you’ve been trying to manifest in particular, it is coming with the next couple months!

If you are going through anything difficult right now, trust that you’re being taken care of. The angels are carrying you through!

Blessing: THE ANGELS GOT YOUR BACK!! A miracle is on the way!

Pile 5

Yes, kings and queens! This is great news! You may be feeling overwhelmed with obstacles or competition right now! A HUGE WIN IS COMING

You have what it takes to sparkle, shine and stand out from the crowd!

I see a windfall of cash coming to this pile! You were are fire right now- keep manifesting! You are also glowing AND lot of people are taking notice.

This piles IS also going to get a lot of attention from admirers soon. One of these admirers is very generous!!

BLESSING: Everything is going to start getting better

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