Happy New Year!


When I was younger I always was searching for a way to feel understood. People always ask me why am I spiritual? Well I’ve always been a feeler, I’ve always been weird & felt like I didn’t belong in this world, and I took to spirituality to figure out why I felt so different (and other means as well like personality types – I’m infp!).

Even at the age of 25 I still sometimes feel very alone. Every time I go through a dark times, I pour myself into my work and my art. I genuinely feel if I can make people feel less alone in the world, that I am doing my job. And also my dream is to inspire others towards their goals and dreams. There’s a part of me that still holds back things I want do because I’m afraid of being misunderstood. I just realized if I keep thinking that way I’m never truly going to be happy.

This is the year I have to go after the things I truly want in life. Life is not always going to be easy. Especially for us who feel everything it’s hard to decipher what is us and what is everything else. I’m beginning to pour my heart out a little bit more to people and open up to you guys because I think it’s important for everyone to see.

2020 has been a really rough year, I’ve dealt with a lot of loss. Losing my business Instagram was actually really tough for me. Because I spent 3 years with post for you guys. Also it’s hard being away from the people I spent the most time with in 2020.. but I also learned to be self sufficient 100%. I trust my angels have better plans for me. And if I don’t live by my words then I’m a hypocrite.

Also I learned that the world isn’t a scary place, yes it’s filled with hurt people but it’s also filled with amazing big hearted people just like the ones who follow me. Thank you guys for accepting me as I am. I plan to be more open in 2021 and 100% myself 🥰🙌 my sensitivities will no longer control my life. But dam these energies are heavy lately 😆😑😃

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