Social Media Detox

I just did a small social media detox! 🙌 I feel like we don’t even notice how much we are opening and closing these apps.

Since my job is on social media I find it very hard to unplug. (I had my friend take these pictures I left my phone off) since I had a lot of stressful stuff happen with the scammers etc, I feel I was on my phone more checking to make sure everything okay. But from now on I’m like f it. I can relax and not worry about what’s going on in the work for one second! And sometimes when toxicity happen we are glued to it, instead of taking it as a sign to detach. Okay universe I see you.

I’m just trying to enjoy life and get out of my head. & improve my workaholic ways! Also you guys may notice I’m not uploading as much on YouTube. I just am taking as much time as I need and listening to my body!

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