Changes and Losses

This full moon is intense! Who is feeling it ? I feel my mind and intuition working in overdrive rn lol.

Soooo as you all know, I’m always trying to constantly improve myself, and understand the world around me so that I can be the best influence I can be. You guys always say that inspire you, and that really touches my soul. Honestly my philosophy in life has just been to do what I enjoy, and treat everyone respectfully. However, not everyone will have that same mindset. Sometimes things get difficult.

I feel that I’ve gone through a lot of losses, at this point of my life I am still constantly challenged. The way I rationalize it is that, when you grow and change, so does your world around you. If you are bettering yourself your reality is going to reflect that.

So embrace these changes as difficult as it can be. Sometimes we see these changes as losses, when in reality they are wins!! Get ready for some intense changes, I had an epiphany about the next step I’m going take in life. What about you guys?

Also, I’m gonna do a video on Patreon today (link!) about this full moon an Sagittarius! And on top of that we got a retrograde coming in so be prepared for some ghost from the past challenging your outdated beliefs!!

Also LOL funny things keep happening like my eyelash lady ghosted me but then I found a better one so thanks angels 🤚

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