Something I’ve Noticed…

Me & Captain Morgan 😍

Sooo have something to say. As I grow and go through life, I realize that people can be so shady. I’m all about supporting both men and woman and just making sure everyone’s is good. But there is something strange that I noticed… I realized some of the biggest haters are actually men when they feel rejected or don’t get their way. I am dead tired of men trying to bring down women! While I was out and about with some of my male friends, some guy really had the nerve to try tell my friend to ditch me because “I may be a pretty girl but there is 20 more at the next spot” because I didn’t want to talk to him…SMH.

Women are not objects. If we reject you, we deserve the same amount of respect as men to just enjoy our life. Why is it that a man can go out and enjoy after a long day of work but when women do it we can be judged so harshly, and subjected to harassment if we don’t pay you mind? I earned my place in life just like the rest of us.

I know my spiritual men are not like this btw I see y’all but I know my post mainly reach woman. I just went to let you guys know that people will try to bring you down the more confident you are, take it with a grain of salt. This hasn’t been the first incident, just fresh on my mind from the night & an example.

And another thing too I have had past exes and whatnot that judged my love for going out. Some of us just like to dance and enjoy life. Believe is it not, NONE OF WHAT I DO IS FOR MALE ATTENTION OR VALIDATION. I don’t need it 🤚 . If you want to chat or get to know me that’s cool, but RESPECT me PERIOD. Anyone who knows me knows I love chatting with everyone 😊

By the way I do love men, I’m just talking about a particular type, A lot of you are amazing and great people and I love you to death.

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  1. Hey Alice, I can relate 100%. This is old believe system and sulky men behave like kids.They simply can’t handle it and try to hurt you with those words.
    Maybe there are other beautful woman -who will act the same 🙂 outside but there is only one Alice. I am so happy find your channel. You rock girl.

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