Spiritual Advise

Manifesting & Diving Timing

I want to talk about something to all of you!! I think we all struggle with this as spiritual people (or even regular people.) When manifesting and using law of attraction (or just living life), how much of it is in our power? The best way to tell is that…. IF you are trying to manifest something and it’s just not working out (yet you are trying your hardest), THERE IS SUCH THING AS divine timing!! THESE law of attraction gurus will make it look like you can just have whatever and whoever you want AT THE DROP OF A HAT, but sometimes THERE REALLY IS A divine plan. A lot of them are smoke and mirrors so don’t be discouraged !!! IF you’re frustrated with where you’re at BUT you’re doing your best just be patient! THE UNIVERSE GOT YOU!

I am receiving the message for anyone reading this “what you want is coming” That is going to mean different things to different people but please guys do not lose hope! The universe puts us in circumstances that Lines us up with the right things for us! 🔥

Keep moving away from things that don’t feel right and you will eventually be in the right place!❤️👑

It doesn’t matter what path you take what’s meant for you will find you! Especially if you’re doing the work.

Also focus on manifesting things that will improve your well being. NOT take away the free will of others 😉 then the world around you will adjust accordingly

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