How To Build Confidence

I know for a fact George has my back 🤜 !

A lot of you have asked me about “how you build confidence.” There is no secret formula. All of us have insecurities and things we don’t like about ourselves. Yes, subluminals do help! (Link to my subliminals channel 😉 ) However, We all have a personal set of personality traits, sensitivities, insecurities, challenges & experiences. Some of us were bullied, and others cast aside, just because we were different. It’s especially hard to feel confident , when you feel constantly like you don’t fit in.

So how did I manage to build confidence in myself? First of all, I Improved the things I really didn’t like about myself (that was in my control). BUT PLEASE Acknowledge the things you DO like about yourself FIRST, and REMEMBER THOSE THINGS!

Secondly, I know the saying sometimes is funny but “fake it till you make it” Works. If you act “as if” eventually it becomes second nature.

And the last step, this one is tough.. STOP SEEKING VALIDATION! Not everyone’s gonna like you, not everyone is going to treat you with respect, not everyone’s going to understand you. If you constantly base how you feel about yourself based off of others actions, you will end up with a fluctuated self-worth. Yes I do believe the more confident you are, the more attractive you are, but there’s also people that will hate you because you’re confident! (Jealously) The point I’m trying to say is, just start appreciating who you are because there’s only one of you! And stop caring what PEOPLE THINK SO MUCH!

! I have another tip as well, watch who you surround yourself with. If you’re around people and situations that are constantly putting you down it’s harder to build yourself up! I never fit in, and I never will. Once I really embraced that I created Loveexistsvisions! 😉🙏😝 I NEVER HAD IT EASY! I just made the most of what I was dealt with, and you can do it too! I believe IN ALL OF YOU!

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