Accepting Where You’re At

Due to popular demand, back to black. Haha. yes I do love me some Amy Winehouse.

Just like the rest of us, I tell my angels all the time I’m tired of this shadow work. 😭 We kind of picture a day where everything is all perfect and life just hands us everything we ever asked for… But that never really happens does it? We have to accept that where we’re at right now is exactly where we need to be.

Yes, Life is also filled with choices. If you are choosing to constantly try to work on yourself and improve yourself you are winning. Keep telling yourself that no matter where you are at on your path!

Challenges do not arise to just torture us, they arrive to motivate, change, push and redirect us. If what you are doing isn’t working, try something different. It’s crazy how a few small steps can change the course of our entire life. I know the world can be dark and scary. But God gives us what we can handle! Whatever it is that you are facing, it’s temporary. Remember that. You got this!

Also when my lashes are done I feel like a new person. Do something nice for yourself this week! You deserve it !!!

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