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PICK AN ANGEL NUMBER: What area of life will improve?

Pick An Angel Number

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😇PICK A NUMBER!😇Are you seeing or feel drawn to any of these numbers?!! I’LL STILL POST A MIX OF THESE AND REGULAR ANGEL NUMBERS 🙂

I am super excited to launch this new series that I’m doing! As some of you guys know, I did have a popular pick a card IG PAGE That got deleted a year ago. Although that loss was tough on me, it also cost me to start new projects and focus on other things. (My subliminal channel!) I slowly was working on my angel number page on the side, just inspired to post when I felt like it. But deep down I still miss doing my pick a card post. I also just felt like the universe had other plans for me.

So recently, I was inspired to kind of re-create what I used to do but do it with angel numbers! And it’s funny because I just got a boost of love on my angel number page so hello everyone everyone who recently started following me! Whether you’ve been with me from the jump, or you just found my angel number page welcome!! Because I definitely plan on doing a lot more with the angel numbers!

And also if you are reading this post this is a sign that and ANY loss you go through in your life is divinely orchestrated AS PAINFUL AS THE PROCESS CAN BE, we should not stay stuck. I could not understand why things were happening to me AT THE TIME, but now a year later I’m in a lot more stable place. Thank you angels for all your wisdom!



You will receive a raise, promotion, new job, windfall or opportunity. Perhaps a new idea will lead you to success. You may be collaborating or working with somebody who can lead more money!! KEEP YOUR THOUGHTS POSITIVE. Part of this success is THE FACT YOU’RE manifesting it!



You will RECEIVE a love offer / confession very soon! It could be from the person on your mind! If you are single, expect to meet someone new very soon who will balance you out! You can expect a boost of attention and admiration. You are glowing up!



You can expect some popularity to come into your life! You may notice more people hitting you up, and wanting to be around you. You are LIGHT in a lot of peoples lives, don’t forget that!!

Your angels don’t want you to go completely hermit! Yes, take some time out for yourself, but being around friends can also boost your mood! If you are feeling a but lonely, you could be meeting someone new or reconnecting with a friend as we speak!

I’m hearing “Halloween party” for this number!

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