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Pick An Angel Number

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😇 IM BACK WITH ANOTHER PICK A NUMBER! Are you seeing these Angel numbers ? Happy mercury going direct! Pick a number and find out what your angels want to tell you about what is next! 


Why do you keep doubting your abilities?! There’s some sort of dream that you want to go after, but yet you don’t believe in yourself. Your angels are guiding you to take that first step. If you have been taking steps then be patient. Good things take time to build.

Keep manifesting and affirming! Keep those thoughts positive! You got this!!


Slow down there! This message is in relation to some kind of love situation in your life. There is a connection that you feel strongly about, but it isn’t ready for union.

You & this person definitely need to work on some aspect of yourself before you can come back together. Don’t give up hope.

If you have nobody on your mind.. this just means that your soulmate is prepping for you! Stop doubting love. It does exist!


Get ready for your whole life to change for the better! If you’ve been feeling stuck or stagnant, that won’t be for long! Your whole life if going to look very different in the next couple months. There is some sort of huge change coming into your life that will benefit you greatly.

If you are planning on moving this is a sign you are making the right choice. There also will be a life-changing romantic situation about to unfold.

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